Saturday, December 13, 2014

12/13/14: More Awkward HI2 Screenshots

12/13/14 is an awesome date and a Saturday besides. In its honor, here are some awkward HI2 screenshots. Some wouldn't have come about without Poseidon's flute, so you have him to thank in part.

Er... I like your outfit, Stem Isle rowboat dude
A wild caught mid canter
Getting chummy with a bay Kinsky
 Kiger-tree overlap
Careful, Kaimanawa!
I love it when wilds try to block portals into caves
I think this Mangalara Marchador was spying on the NPC's inside this house
Ghost horse!
Another Kaimanawa that likes to live life on the edge
When Julie fluted this guy, he appeared right on top of the NPC pony. XD
A few seconds later. The pony took the joke well.
Chatting while our horses sniff our kneecaps and a wild waits calmly in the background
Xanadu and a wild admire a levitating sunflower
An Abaco testing the water
Ah, pine fresh
How did your tail get stuck there?
We still see you...
I think she liked Pepsi
A wild raiding the grape vines
A wild investigating a playground
An unfortunate flute placement
A wild rubbing his rear on a raspberry bush
Snow-Finnhorse overlap
You guys aren't very good at hiding, are you?
It looks like a log has fallen on this poor wild

Saturday, December 6, 2014

Blagdon Beauty

Now that it's a new month, I've been livery stalking again. Sorry, sisters, but it's starting to look like if I don't intervene, our stallion count will never catch up to our mare count. And I've only been looking at stallions, I promise! Of the stallions I've found, I've resisted a very nice 5/6 blue roan Kaimanawa, a 5/6 brown Dole, a 5/6 bay Peruvian Horse, and even a 6/6 flaxen sorrel Jutland (same color as Solitaire or things might have turned out differently).  

This guy, however, I could not pass up:
He has existed on the game for over two years but has never even gotten a real name. You know what a sucker I am for histories like that. Still, I waited about an hour after I found the little guy to give somebody else a chance to adopt him. When no one did, I took him home. The deciding factor for me: his fun, rather Christmas-y avatar:

I'm thinking of naming him Gingerbread. Or maybe Airbrush. =) We'll see what my sisters think. It's about time a Gypsy Vanner joined the herd - I think the breed is fantastic. 

Welcome to the herd, buddy. <3

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bethany, Felicity, Julie and I wish our fellow American readers a happy Thanksgiving (and a happy Thursday to everybody else)! ;^) It's a white one for us - more snow has been gently falling all morning. 

This got me in the mood to visit the Glacier Isles on HI2. Here is the Thanksgiving pony that Solo and I fluted this morning:
The placement of the wild couldn't have been better. XD
Aw! I'd forgotten that Exmoors could be found on snowy terrain as well as leaf terrain. She's the same color as Dasani, Bethany's +91 Exmoor mare. This mare's stats are +60 - not bad at all! We surrendered her to the humane association. Hopefully someone will adopt this cutie.

In other news, it looks like we may have found our November horse. It's not a Norwegian breed, like Felicity was hoping for. Felicity did find us our first Norwegian Coldblood Trotter, though. Here he is:
We didn't keep him either, though he was quite handsome. <3

The November horse is also not either of the two 5/6 mares we have been holding:
the pleasant +33 Russian Heavy Draft
the +69 snowstorm Holsteiner
It is... *drumroll*

This horse. Julie and Shady fluted it last night. At first glance, Julie was hopeful that it was a Norwegian Fjord. Nope.

It's a...


Ooh, primitive apricot dun! Check out the awesome barring on her legs!
What a mane! I think Arion might have found his soulmate.
Her stats surpass those of the other 5/6 mares we've caught this month, and clearly she is aware of it. 

One of our first friends on HI2 really liked Przewalski horses. (She probably still does, but I used past tense there because she no longer plays the game.) She and I talked about adopting twin Przewalskis once, but it never happened. I'm glad we held out - this girl's adorable.

We still really like the first two November horse contenders. If only they were stallions! Then we'd be able to justify keeping all three. We may try auctioning them without allowing the foreign bidder to bid to see if anybody on the game is interested. They deserve owners that will appreciate them!

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Snowstorm

A winter storm kicked into gear yesterday afternoon. All schools in the area were closed today due to the hazardous driving conditions. And to think, it's only November 18!

Mom took a few photos in the backyard during a lull in the heavy snow. It's a winter wonderland out there!
Note the leaves on the low branch of the oak tree.
Lots of trees around here still have autumn leaves.
Summer, the family dog, wishing it was still summer
It's getting deep! 
This decorative pagoda has a hat that looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy's.
I played Horse Isle 2 for a while this morning. Two wild horses were hanging out on Harbor Isle. Xanadu and I also found a $100k pot of gold and a $6k pirate treasure! Talk about hitting the jackpot!

The horses were pretty much opposite in color: one very dark and the other very light. :) The first was a seal brown Canadian Horse stallion:

And the second was a light gray Holsteiner mare:

What a fitting horse to find during the first snowstorm of the season! Her +69 stats trump those of that Russian Heavy Draft mare that Felicity found on Saturday, so it looks like we have a new frontrunner to be the horse we keep this month. Sorry, Russian Heavy Draft!

Felicity took over playing after I was done. She and Zoom searched all of the vast White Isle for horses. I think she really likes the new breed. =) The only wild horses she found were standing pretty close to each other. Take a look!

The one on the left was a 5/6 +53 red chestnut Finnhorse mare - 17 hands tall! The one on the right was a 4/6 +36 dun Norwegian Fjord mare - only 13.1 hands tall. We decided not to keep either, since what we really could use are more stallions.