Friday, May 18, 2018

They're Springing Up Like Dandelions!

Hi all! We've seen an abundance of HI2 horses worthy of mention this past week. They just keep coming... like the dandelions in lawns all across our neighborhood. Unlike dandelions, however, cool HI2 horses are always welcome. Here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

First up is this big red guy. Felicity and Orion fluted him on Ice Cube Isle. 
His stats are nothing spectacular, but his looks sure are! 
I love his artistic roaning and mismatched white feet. And then there's his persona.
=^) This may be my favorite personality label on the game. 

He seemed like a perfect Millennium Fields retiree to me, and I managed to convince my sisters of this too. I had the honor of naming him, selecting his rump art, and retiring him. Here he is:
He's standing amusingly close Granite, our retired rose gray Shagya Arabian. I wonder if he'll still be there next time we log on or if this was a fluke?

Next up is a Clydesdale! Lily mentioned in her last post how we have yet to find a nice one on the game. Well, we can't say that any longer, because Sard and I found one! The flute gave us a mahogany bay - a shocker, I know. ;^)
Unfortunately, her +5/6 stats only added up to +47, and her tyrannical personality did nothing to endear her to us either. So, no Clydesdale for our herd. Yet.

Xia and I stumbled upon cool equine #3 on our way to the far end of Line Isle, where we planned (and later did) use the flute. This one was a beautiful buckskin Curly!
Her +4/6 stats may not look that impressive at first glance, but they add up to +74. Not shabby at all! She's probably one of the highest-stat-ed +4/6ers we've ever been in possession of. All the same, she will not be staying either. We're content with our spotted Curly, Kiwi.

Equine #4 qualifies as cool because he was fluted today, on Mom's birthday! Yay for May 18 and a Friday birthday!
Felicity was playing at the time (riding Wonderland), but she switched to Napoleon, our lucky May 18 flute from a few years back, to use the flute. 

Despite the lucky pony and the proximity to a pot of gold (it contained $86k!), the fluted horse himself wasn't very impressive.
Oh well, our herd is definitely not suffering from a lack of Camargues!

Even though Mom isn't part of our birthday flute contest, just for fun, here is the horse on her birthday calendar page:

What a pretty horse! <3 Not a good match for the Camargue at all, though. XD

Our last cool equine is a small but mighty Dartmoor stallion. I spotted him in the auction house a couple of days ago when I was auctioning off some wild horses. He was one of several horses in a row going to the foreign bidder for around $5k. I fully expected him to be your typical low-stat, freshly-caught wild equine. But no!
As the 8 minutes remaining in the auction ticked by, I waited for somebody else to make this realization and bid. I mean, look at those stats! +6/6 and +92! Whoa!

With less than a minute left in the auction, still no bids from any players. You can probably guess what happened from there...

Sorry, Lily, but it would have been such a waste for him to leave the game! Look how cool his avatar is!

We'll see if he gets along okay with Xanadu, our Peruvian Paso mare who also has the "dictator" persona. 

If not, he may be going up for sale with the other equines we'll eventually be looking to send on their way. Maybe in honor of Mom's birthday, we'll finally get around to buying a horse store for our ranch...

Saturday, May 5, 2018

Nebula, Metallic Stallions, and a Big Package

Well, we've made it five months into 2018 now and still haven't found a single +6/6 wild horse! It's rather sad, but I'm not shocked. We just haven't been on the game that much, and when we are, we are often in too much of a hurry to go on the wild hunting expeditions we often used to. As you know, and as I also know all too well, my sisters have seen to it that we still find tempting horses.

Now that we're into May, Nebula's place in the herd as our April horse is secure. She is keeping the name she came with because we like it and can't think of her as anything else now.

The shimmery Shire that Bethany took home is still technically not a permanent resident, but try telling my sisters that. They have named him Rhodium after the rare silvery-white precious metal.
And now he has tack too. *Sighs* Isn't it odd that we encounter nice Shires like crazy but have never come across a nice Clydesdale? Oh well, at least we have a wide range of Shire coat colors represented. (Mahogany bay, blue roan, seal brown, and now probably light gray.)

We were tempted by another horse last night. And by "we," I mean all 4 of us.
His avatar:
Fortunately for Rhodium, this handsome little Grade was not +6/6, which would likely have triggered an impulse-adopt-click from Bethany. (Yes, of course Bethany was the one who found him in the livery. She called the rest of us over.) I convinced my sisters that we should give other players a shot at adopting him first, and they reluctantly agreed. 

Bethany logged off. We ate supper, watched The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey (Bethany's choice), and then went to bed. We all forgot to check for the Grade until Saturday morning, and by then he was gone. Here's hoping that this was because he was adopted by an appreciative owner!

In real-life news, a package arrived for Mom from American Girl this week. It was fairly large but too small to be another doll, so we were excited rather than concerned. It seemed to take ages for Mom to get home and finally open it.

New clothes! Some great stuff was on clearance on the American Girl website, an happily for us, Mom couldn't resist. We will now model them!

True Spirit Outfit
I really like this one! All three pieces will mix and match well. I don't get why the butterflies stitched on both boots are lime green, but I like everything else about it. The boots have velcro in the back, so they aren't a pain to get on.

Festive Reindeer Pajamas
Even though it was April, Mom bought this because it was a good deal and because she knows how we love cute animals! We will totally wear the pj shirt as a regular shirt come December. Our polar bear sweater will have some competition now.

Pomeranian Pajamas
Speaking of cute animals, isn't this great? Again, the pj shirt is bound to get worn as a regular shirt sometimes. As an added bonus, the slippers fit on Julie's little Magic Attic feet as well as American Girl feet. Yay! 

Cuffed Dot Jeggings
(The shirt did not come with them - it's part of Lea's Hiking Outfit.) Contrary to their name, the dots are actually little stars, and they are made of a material that doesn't stretch much at all. Felicity had a bit of a struggle getting them on, but once they're on, they look good. They also fit Julie nicely and weren't nearly so hard for her to get on, so she will probably wear them the most.

Lilac Dress
So simple yet so classy. The material they made the dress out of has some cool textures and layers to it. The sky blue shoes have pretty silver sparkles on them, which tie into the blue stitching on the top of the dress and the silver sash. Good job, AG!

Blue Rhinestone Studded Dress
The headband is a bit awkward, but the bracelet fits American Girl wrists great. The dress itself is a warm knit fabric - perfect for in-between-weather days. The only drawback is that it is super short, like I-can't-sit-down-or-bend-over short, and it didn't come with leggings. Fortunately, we have some silver leggings in our wardrobe that work well under it.

Thanks, Mom! Excellent choices!

And because we haven't posted a group shot in a while, here we are back in our pre-fashion show outfits:
As you can see, Bethany is putting that Westie t-shirt we got for Christmas to good use. It's finally warm enough for short sleeves. =)

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Spring at last!

Spring hit the snooze button this year, it seems. Last weekend we suffered through a painfully drawn out sleet-ice-snow system, and on Monday night into Tuesday, we got a few more inches of snow-into-ice. I was beginning to think I would have my first wintry birthday ever, but thankfully it was not to be. In true midwest-spring-roller-coaster fashion, we find ourselves suddenly in a world of dry, gentle breezes and 60 degree temps. I'm certainly not complaining! The bunny and chick stuffed animals in Mom's window seat don't look so out of place anymore. =^)

My personal favorite is Chickie, the big yellow chick on the far right in the back. <3

Also, check out these interesting spindly things that one of the succulents in her window has sprouted:

Not as impressive as the tiny flowers that that other rather unfortunate-looking one sprouted last year, but still cool. (That one still lives and sprouted flowers mid-winter, in case you were wondering, but it has grown so big that it spent the winter by a different window.)

My sisters and I have agreed to another round of our birthday flute contest. I get to start it off again, since my birthday is the first in the calendar year, as always. After all 4 of us have had our birthdays, we will again award the winners of various categories with premium companions as prizes. 

They shall be:
- Fluted wild that looks the most like the horse of the day on Mom's calendar
- Fluted wild with the prettiest/handsomest profile artwork
- Fluted wild with the coolest avatar
- Fluted wild with best personality
- Fluted wild with the highest sum of stats for its breed
- Fluted wild with the highest total sum of stats

Let's get this contest started! Here is my birthday horse on Mom's page-a-day calendar:
Hmm, you can't really tell what color this one is. He/she could easily be chestnut, bay, seal brown, or black...

And here is my HI2 birthday flute:
Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what solid color my partial-silhouette calendar horse is, because I went and fluted a dapple gray! Drat. 

Now let's see the profile:
Okay, now we're talking. My dude may not have a prayer on the stat front, but he sure is easy on the eyes! I love his dapples and markings!

We haven't gone and bought any new horses this past week, nor have we taken screenshots of any we just have to show you. I did want to mention the newest breed that has been introduced to the game, though, the Carolina Marsh Tacky.

Yay, another American breed! The breed developed from feral horses that roamed some swampy islands of coastal South Carolina. Because Spanish horses are believed to have been in their ancestry, the look breeders are going for now is "Spanish Colonial." Maybe it's just me, but I don't see much of that in HI2's Marsh Tacky artwork. The impression I get is more "stringy and foal-like."

Here are a couple of examples from the BBB:
seal brown
muddy dun roan
strawberry roan
They aren't that bad. I guess I'm just a bit underwhelmed because there are some gorgeous Tackies that come up on Google image searches. XD

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Lurking in the Livery

There have been some really nice horses in the livery this past week! I know, I know. I should be staying far, far away. But somehow, I just can't keep myself from looking. You never know when you might find your next gem like my Esker, Quasar, or Groovy, for instance. XD And of course, there's still a remote chance I could even find Coquina, my dream Florida Cracker mare, there.

This mare came close!
Right color, great personality that's even symmetric in its distribution, and only one negative stat! If only those stats added up higher! *Sighs* 

The next batch of horses below all were surrendered by the same player, I believe. This is just a sampling - he or she was really unloading.

<3 As much as I love Felicity's awesome blue roan Abaco mare, Cascade, it would be so fun to have a pinto Abaco in the herd! (That's how I picture them in my head.) Alas, she's 10 stat points shy of the magic +80. 

I bet my Brumby Kestrel would have been delighted had I decided to add any of these fine specimens to the herd! I feel like the breed is often overlooked on HI2, but I think they're quite easy on the eyes and love that they come in such a wide range of colors and patterns!

I will be content with my Kestrel. None of these Brumbies, however cool, have his unique dappled, rabicano look or his goofy striped hoof. <3

Next up is a Datong with lots of bend-or spots. I was really tempted to adopt him to retire to our Millennium Fields because of his cuteness and his "interesting personality."
I think we'd have named him "Arrow." =) Since we just kept that Shagya to retire last weekend, though, I decided I'd better resist his considerable charm.

Aren't you impressed by how good I was at leaving all those horses be?

*Looks down and shuffles feet guiltily*

Don't be. 

Sorry, guys, but he's +94 and so very shiny and handsome! I tried to resist him, really I did! I logged out and waited a whole hour to give other players a shot at adopting him. Nobody did, and I couldn't just go to bed and leave him there!

Maybe we can try selling him? I know we're all thinking of replacing our ranch store or our sheep pen with a horse store... Otherwise, who knows? The luck we've had lately with wild horses (they've all been +3/6 or less) maybe we'll want him as our May horse? He would make an excellent "Quartz" or "Rhodium," don't you think?