Saturday, December 9, 2017

Christmas Is Coming!

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here. Snow's been falling on and off since Thursday, and it looks like it's here to stay. 

We also noticed that a deer (a white-tailed one, not a reindeer, but still...) must have admired our outdoor Christmas decorations and visited our front porch. Check out the trail of little cloven hoof prints. =)

Since the snow and deer tracks put us into a Christmasy mood, we decided to visit the clothing design part of American Girl's website. They have a holiday-themed section, so we each tried our hand at creating a holiday dress. Because the polar bear is so cute, we mutually agreed that he had to be included on all of the dresses. 



mine (Julie's):


We weren't ready to be done so soon, so we each designed an animal-themed t-shirt too.



mine (Julie's):


Ha ha, if cute animals are ever high fashion, you know who to call. 

No new horses to report on HI2, but we have finally finished putting the letter art from our buddy on all of the horses' profiles. If only it was that easy to write our descriptions for each horse. We're still way behind on that...

Before I go, here is a an amusing flute screenshot from this past week. Horse overlapping a building? That's a first. XD

In case you were wondering, it was a pretty blue roan Grade Horse mare.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Random Number Fun

One of my favorite things about HI2 is its randomly generated wild horses. It's great fun to go looking for them and see what you find. However, since we only have two open horse slots right now, we haven't gone on any serious wild horse hunting expeditions lately.

We decided to entertain ourselves by each generating a random horse from the BBB instead. How? Google's random number generator!

Right now there are 136 horse breeds on HI2. (Holiday Colors shouldn't really count, but oh well.) So, I will change the Max to 136 and hit Generate.

The 92nd horse breed on the list is...

(Yes, I made this list. You're welcome. ;^))

The Mulassier!

In the BBB, if you look at the list of coat colors for a particular breed, it helpfully tells you at the bottom how many are possible. 

There are 45 possibilities for the Mulassier. So I'll set the random generator's Max to 45 and hit Generate again.

The 26th coat color for the Mulassier is...

Red Dun! <3 I will now select Red Dun and see my random horse!

Aw, he's quite handsome! =)

My sisters repeated the same process to see random BBB horses of their own.

Bethany's: 116, 15
palomino tobiano Shetland Pony stallion
Felicity's: 58, 156
red roan splashed white Grade Pony mare
Julie's: 46, 9
light dapple grey Fell Pony stallion
Such cute ponies! XD

It would be fun to use this method to decide what kind of horses to draw in a picture, or to determine what the equine characters in a story should look like...

Or my sisters and I could use this as another way to have some friendly competitions with each other. (Whoever generates the prettiest horse, smallest horse, largest horse, horse with the rarest coat color, etc. could get a prize of some sort... And if somebody was to get "Holiday Colors," they could really win big!)

Oh, the possibilities!

I'm not sure how it happened, but it's somehow already December. Even more remarkably, my sisters and I have so far managed to keep our New Year's resolution to only add a maximum of one horse per month to our herd. 

My sisters know all too well that this means we could still hypothetically add a horse yet this month. Bethany spotted a 6/6er in the livery this morning who was very tempting.

I bet he didn't last long in the livery at all! What a great horse! (Too bad his stripe doesn't show, though.)

Felicity looked wistfully at this one:

I bet she didn't last long in the livery either! <3 Patience, sisters. The month is young.

Sunday, November 26, 2017

Staying Strong... Sort Of

You should be so proud of us, Lily! Bethany, Julie, and I have not expanded our herd at all this holiday weekend, despite the temptation of several very nice horses.

Yesterday, Bethany got mail from a buddy asking if we'd be interested in a Florida Cracker mare that had come into her possession.  

This mare is close to being her dream Florida Cracker mare, Coquina. She's light enough that the name would totally fit. She's gorgeous and only 1 stat point away from that magic +80. Bethany must've been so tempted, but she resisted! She's still holding out for a perlino or white grey, as she likes their avatars best. What self-control, Bethany!

Julie and Ravine fluted quite the handsome Trakehner yesterday afternoon on Oak Isle. The Trakehner, might I add, is one of our favorite warmblood breeds in real life. 

Julie thought this might be a lucky spot to flute from.

He is 5/6, his white markings and dapples make him extra good-looking, and his personality is pretty good too. Those stats only add up to +41 though, so Julie was also good and sold him in the auction house.

Two horses caught my attention on Thanksgiving Eve. The first was at the top of the list of the adoptable horses in the livery last night.

Quite a nice horse, right? I was able to resist him without too much effort, though, since his stat total is only +57.

I was way more tempted by another horse I noticed in the auctions, a Przewalski.

He's 6/6, +99, and he has the endearing "old friend" personality. Impressive, little guy! Time ticked by, and boy was I torn. If he'd been going to the foreign bidder, I'd have bid for sure. Unfortunately, I didn't have the must-keep-him-on-the-game excuse. Nor did I have the we-don't-have-a-horse-of-his-breed excuse. 

my apricot dun mare Lofty <3
I don't think Lofty would've cared much for him either, since her personality is "stuck up." I sure would've, though.

This screen came and went. I didn't let myself bid, as much as I wanted to. Nobody else bid either, and he wasn't re-listed while I was still online. Sorry, Przewalski! You are awesome! I hope you end up with someone who appreciates you!

Things may have been different had we not finally all come to an agreement on Cheeto and the Camargue last weekend. To recap, both are 5/6 +76 stallions we've caught. Our unofficial rule for keeping a horse that isn't 6/6 is for it to be at least +80, hence we technically should've let them both move on a long time ago. Obviously, we didn't. Luckily for them, we haven't been playing the game much over the past few months, and as a result we haven't found any other tempting horses (aside from Sassafras). So, we have decided to keep them both. Not a big shocker, I know. XD

Cheeto, with his birdcatcher spots and goofy crooked stripe, seems like he was meant to be mine, and now it's official! I'm so happy it worked out for him to stay. <3

The Camargue joins Bethany's gray Camargue stallion duo, Mistral and Murphy. Since he was fluted on Gas Isle, and since we couldn't come up with any gases starting with M (other than methane, and that would just be mean), Bethany decided to name him Krypton.

Bethany is keeping Sassafras too. Her wild tack combo is what happens when you want to use the cat saddle blanket and fall-leaf-colored halter and boots at the same time. Bethany's not sure yet if Sassy can pull it off or not. XD

Saturday, November 11, 2017

New Companions and New Art

As Felicity promised, here are screenshots of the companions we chose as prizes for our birthday flute contest. PepsiSummer rode out to the mountains to pick them up this morning.

I chose to complete Ophelia's companion set with a prancing premium white foal. (Eventually I may replace the duck with a premium duck. Sorry, Duckweed.)

Also note the fancy new letter art that our wonderful buddy Xylyl created for our horses' profiles.  Before now, we've used border lines to indicate the horse's owner (*'s for me, ='s for Felicity, ~'s for Julie, and ^'s for Lily), but this is probably too subtle for anyone but us to notice, much less remember. Now it will be easy to tell who a horse belongs to. Thank you, Xylyl!

Felicity chose to give Galileo a premium zebra foal, and I think she looks great with Murky the Turkey. The foal came with the randomly-generated name "Blue." It's kind of an odd name for a zebra, but she kept it since Galileo has the blue theme going on.

You may have noticed the new rump art on Galileo. Xylyl has also created that for us, and isn't it cool? We've had the Pepsi-logo-surrounded-by-sun-rays idea for a long time, and thanks to our buddy, it's finally become a reality! She patiently put it on all of our horses with red- and/or blue-themed tack. Eventually, she will recolor it to coordinate with other tack colors as well. It's quite an undertaking to put rump art on so many of somebody else's horses, most of whom already had rump art that first had to be removed. We're so grateful Xylyl has the skill and patience to help us out with this big project! <3

Check out Skyrocket, who rocks the new art especially well:

Getting back to the companion prizes, Lily chose a premium musk ox calf for Zephyr. She's calling her Gusty. =) The musk ox calf is one of my favorite companions too. HI2 made them so irresistibly cute!

Like Ophelia, Zephyr is still displaying our old rainbow star rump art, which we bought from a different buddy. We've enjoyed it, but we think the stallions are all happy to be getting something less girly. (Sorry boys, but you do all have female owners...)

Julie chose to pick out a set of companions for the mighty Napoleon. This is fitting, since Napoleon is himself a birthday pony - he was caught on Mom's birthday. Julie went with a silver and white theme. Nicker the foal and Chatter the bunny look about how I anticipated. However, I was expecting Brassy the chinchilla to about half his size, so I had a good laugh when I first saw him in all his big, chubby glory. 

Felicity and Arion fluted what I think is PepsiSummer's first Estonian Native Horse this morning while they were still in the mountains.

Just look at that endurance stat! Maybe that's why he was stuck up. It's a shame that four of his other stats were so unimpressive.

That's all the HI2 news I have for you today, but before I go, I'll share some fun fall photos with you. 
The first few are from Mom's visit to Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park back in October.
So much yellow!
Dandling orbs o' flowers
Is it just me, or do two of the gourds look like birds?
A perpetually ineffective scarecrow
Imagine trying to carve one of these monsters!
The highlight of the "Michigan Farm" area
Finally, Mom took this photo from the backyard yesterday afternoon:
They let Mom tromp across fallen leaves towards them and - as you can see - they watched but did not run away, not even when she started talking to them. They continued hanging out there even after Mom tromped back into the house. The deer in our neighborhood are incredibly tame. XD