Sunday, September 14, 2014


We visit Narrowed Isle quite a bit because the NarrowTon general store pays the most to take surplus items off Pepsi's hands. While we're there anyway, it's become part of the routine to travel out to Harbor Isle to loot the reef and check for wild horses. At least half the time the isle is wild-less, but there are also days when we find multiple wilds. As it doesn't cost anything but a boring slow-mo walk to get to Harbor from Narrowed, we can't really complain no matter what we find once we get there.

On Friday, I set out to Harbor with Esker and found two wild horses roaming it. The first, a pretty palomino tobiano Warlander mare, ended up having the Troglodyte persona. That one made me chuckle. =)
troglodyte |ˈträgləˌdīt|
noun(esp. in prehistoric times) a person who lived in a cave.
• a hermit.• person who is regarded as being deliberately ignorant or old-fashioned.
Someday I so want to find a horse with this persona in the mountains...

The second was this black Don. Not just any Don, but a 6/6 +81 mare. She also happens to be the 20th 6/6 wild to be captured by PepsiSummer.

Interesting side note: I found this Don exactly a year after I found the first 6/6 wild horse we decided to keep, my beloved Kestrel. <3 Hooray for September 12!

I'll admit, at first glance I was pleased but not exactly thrilled. We have 3 black equines already and a surplus of mares right now besides. And let's face it: HI2's Dons are not going to win any beauty contests.

But then I remembered Wendy. Flashback to years ago. Mom was a young girl poring over her first (and even then quite outdated) horse breed handbook: ogling each horse photo, trying to make sense of horsey jargon, and mispronouncing breed names like crazy. On one long car trip, she remembers naming her favorite horse on each page. Of all of the horses, her favorite was the Don, a gleaming metallic chestnut with a flowing mane and tail. She gave it what was then her absolute favorite name, Wendy, ignoring the fact that the horse was male. XD Wendy was one of her first dream horses.

Our scanner refused to scan the photos nicely. x_x
Needless to say, I think all 4 of us have a soft spot in our hearts for Dons. It would seem wrong not to keep the best Don we have ever come across on HI2. In looks, she may be a far cry from Wendy the magnificent, but her markings and personality are pretty cute. Since she is not the right color to be Wendy, we have decided to call her Windy.

This means we now have 4 black equines: 2 stallions and 2 mares. None of them have exactly the same avatar, thank goodness. We'll probably ride them with their halters on most of the time to avoid confusion all the same.

Nightshade: brown hooves
December: black hooves
Onyx: dark brown hooves, blacker
Windy: dark brown hooves, grayer
I haven't decided yet whether I will keep Windy for myself or give her to the one sister who doesn't have a black horse yet, Felicity. Hmm...

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Art Fair Finds

Mom went to an arts and crafts fair last weekend. There was all kinds of fun stuff to look at, from jewelry to wall art to giant cattail wind chimes. There also happened to be a booth selling homemade 18" doll clothes. Mom was drawn there like a moth to a flame. She couldn't decide whether she liked the crocheted dresses or the cotton dresses better, so she ended up getting both. She returned home $34 poorer and surprised each of us with a new dress! Pretty good, when you consider that American Girl typically charges upwards of $30 for just one outfit.
We decided to model our dresses that same afternoon. The lighting in the backyard was kind of funky at the time, so we opted to take our little fashion show to Mom's room instead.
My dress caught Mom's eye first. She loved the aqua and chocolate brown print, and so do I!

This lime green polka dot dress looks like it was made for Felicity - it perfectly matches her eyes. Her birthstone also happens to be the diamond. I've never seen Felicity so pleased to put on a dress. =)

Grandma was the one to find Julie's dress. Normally Mom is not a huge fan of brown clothing, but this particular shade with its subtle gold sparkles spoke to her. I think it looks lovely on Julie. It brings out the rusty undertones in her beautiful brown eyes.

And finally, Mom selected this crocheted dress for Lily. It doesn't get much more "Lily" than sky blue with a flower. XD The dress ended up having more of a drop waist than Mom was expecting, but Lily can still totally rock it.

I will leave you with this group shot. Looking good, ladies! <3

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Bethany Strikes Again

Well, we only made it two days into September before we found a horse we just had to have. Or, rather, a horse Bethany thought we just had to have. She sure has a gift for finding 6/6 livery horses.

This time, her find was a Kinsky. None of us have ever come across a nice Kinsky before. Not one that was inexpensive enough for us to consider buying it, anyway. (I have trained my sisters well in that department. ;)) This stallion was a wild horse who was caught by a subscribed player on Labor Day. That player then surrendered him to the livery the very next day! I wonder if she knew what a great horse he was when she did it?

Since I caught the 6/6 Spotted Draft Horse mare and gave it to Bethany, she returned the favor by giving this guy to me. He may be a loafer and a hermit, but at least he's chill and go-with-the-flow about it. I'm excited to try him out in the jumping arena once he's trained.

His avatar is a surprisingly light shade of brown. I was expecting him to be similar in color to black chestnut sabino Galileo, whose avatar is nearly black. Instead, he is almost the same shade of brown as Bethany's brown mare Umber. Good thing they have different colored hooves!

The Kinsky
Coincidentally enough, the Kinsky's capturer randomly PMed me yesterday when Zephyr and I were on Harbor Isle. Paranoid me thought she had tracked me down and was going to say something about the Kinsky, but no. She was only asking if there were any wild horses on Harbor. XD (There weren't, other than the Abaco Barb I had just fluted and lassoed.) When I told her I had adopted the Kinsky and that he said hi, she didn't have much to say in response. I'm guessing she didn't know he was worth more than your average wild, but no way was I going to ask...

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Thanks again, Harbor Isle

Harbor Isle just keeps on giving. Flora and I found two wild horses on it yesterday. The first was this lovely Furioso.

Even though the Furioso's artwork isn't as special as many of the newer breeds, I've always rather liked the look of them. This mare's cute markings and "My Buddy" persona made her extra appealing. Too bad her stats weren't more impressive.

Then we rode east and found Harbor wild #2. As usual, I thought, Ooh, a pretty pinto! Please be awesome! 

She was! 

6/6 and +98. That makes her the 3rd best horse stat-wise we have ever caught. (Balderdash the New Forest mare still reigns supreme as +110, and Vinca the Newfie mare is 2nd as +104.)

Of course she would be a mare, when the next horse I get needs to be a stallion to keep my gender ratio even. That means either Bethany or Julie get to keep her rather than yours truly. Oh well, I have a wonderful draftie already. Love you, Solitaire! <3

Thursday, August 28, 2014

The First 10

We have used our flute 10 times now, so I decided to memorialize our first 10 fluted wilds with this post. Enjoy!

Flute #1
8/15: 15.3 hand brown Lusitano stallion
2/6, -19

Flute #2
8/17: 14.2 hand mahogany bay Canadian Horse mare
2/6, -39

Flute #3
8/18: 16.1 hand mahogany bay Holsteiner mare
1/6, -59

Flute #4 
8/19: 14.2 hand buckskin snowflake Nez Perce mare
2/6, -23

Flute #5
8/21: 16.3 hand dark dapple gray Orlov Trotter mare
2/6, -36

Flute #6
8/22: 15.1 hand dun Sicilian stallion
4/6, +43

Flute #7
8/24: 14.1 hand flaxen chestnut tobiano Mangalarga Marchador mare
2/6, -36

Flute #8
8/25: 16.1 hand white American White stallion
4/6, +39

Flute #9
8/26: 16.1 hand dark bay tobiano National Show Horse stallion
3/6, +8

Flute #10
8/27: 17.0 hand mahogany bay Hanoverian mare
3/6, +5

Our flute seems to work very well in attracting mahogany bay mares. I wonder if it was made from mahogany wood? ;^) 

It's cool that the Nez Perce, Mangalarga Marchador, and Hanoverian were all represented in our first 10. We love all 3 breeds! 

So far, the best horse our flute has attracted stat-wise is the 4/6 dun Sicilian. Hopefully someday it will lure us a 6/6! *crosses fingers*

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Horse Flute at Last

On Friday, August 15, all 4 of us teamed up together to answer the 5 questions about Esroh lore, the final part of Poseidon's quest. Even after having just read the lore the night before, we weren't always 100% certain of the answers. Thank goodness for the help site, Esroh Legends, for posting the stories of the Esrohs! We consulted them on every question to be safe. With 100k on the line, it's definitely better to be safe than sorry!

In our nervous excitement, we neglected to take screenshots of the 5 test questions. They went something like this, if you're curious:

1. In which land formation did the Esrohs find themselves trapped in Athena's story?
Answer: canyon

2. According to Apollo, "Suppleness with time comes, not with ____."
Answer: spurs

3. What is the name of the horse Apollo talks to in his story?
Answer: StarFire

4. What parts of Hera's body became worn in her story?
Answer: hooves

5. In Artemis's story, what kind of animal did the Esrohs raise?
Answer: stag
Why would you ever choose option 2?!
Ah, so that's what was in one of those mysterious chests!
Pepsi travelled out of the reef, back through the decay isles, through Dry Isle, through Narrowed Isle, and finally to Chilly Forest Isle to use the flute for the first time. Why Chilly Forest Isle? Well, most of our favorite breeds come from grassy terrain, and we needed blueberries. Chilly Forest's harvestable items were mostly already harvested when Pepsi arrived, but there are so many blueberry bushes that Pepsi had no trouble picking as many as we needed.

Before fluting our first wild, we had Pepsi switch to Galileo, the first wild horse we ever caught. We hoped he would bring us good luck. 
Oh, the suspense! 
He didn't appear where we planned. XD
We caught the attention of a brown Lusitano! Felicity lassoed him, and we held our breath as we went to look at him close up.

Triple strikeout: common color, poor stats, and undesirable personality
Well, he's no Galileo. Kind of cute, but not special enough to justify keeping him. We should have known better than to expect our first fluted wild to be as wonderful as Galileo. ;^)

All the same, because he was our first, we decided to retire him to our Millennium Fields. We named him August. =)