Saturday, March 10, 2018

Interesting Avatars Part 2

Bethany here to point out some more interesting HI2 avatars. Without further ado, here it goes!

British Spotted Pony: some unique roans with different colored manes and tails
black varnish: this one also has black dapples!

brown roan: this ones's legs and muzzle are a darker brown than both the mane and tail. Also note the pale but definitely not white blanket.

bay roan: another pale blanket and a smokey gray tail

strawberry roan: the tail is almost as pale as the blanket

Budyonny: dapple rose gray
The rest of the horse is graying, but the tail is determined to stay chestnut. ;^)

Calabrese: dapple rose gray
Another rose gray with mismatched mane and tail. I appreciate how the mane matches the dapples and the tail matches the legs and muzzle.

Criollo: seal brown
Black body and deep red mane and tail! If the mane and tail were a little lighter, this one could pass as an Esroh!

Datong: sooty palomino
Lots of shades of tan are going on here, and that pale gold mane really stands out!

Dutch Tuigpaard: honey roan
I added this one to Xylyl's list. (I think the breed is also too new for it to have made it on there.) Grayish tan body, orange legs and muzzle, and bright golden mane and tail? Somehow, it works!

Estonian Native Horse: a trio of mosaics
bay-black mosaic: in my opinion, the most striking of the three

bay-chestnut mosaic: bay and golden chestnut on one horse! It's probably good they decided not to give it a chestnut tail.

brown-black mosaic: this looks more like a dark bay-black mosaic to me, but at any rate, what a cool horse!

Florida Cracker: sooty palomino
Wow, what a contrast of dark brown and pale gold!

(For comparison, here is Forte's, our sooty palomino Hanoverian's, avatar: very handsome, but not nearly as extreme a contrast)

Franches Montagne: freckled white
No freckles here! Instead we get a pale cream and white horse with light gray pinto pattern on top. I like how Xylyl described this one as a sort of "albino mosaic."

Georgian Grande: sooty palomino
A deep golden palomino with a brown blanket and pure white mane and tail!

That's enough avatars for today. Check back later for the next installment from Felicity or Julie. 

We've had a pretty low-key week on HI2. Lily did name her new Hanoverian, though. Meet Quip!

She seems to be settling into the herd just fine despite her "gadfly" personality label.

Also, I had an opportunity at buying yet another cremello Florida Cracker mare today! She was for sale in the auction house.

Sorry, you beautiful mare, but I will not be swayed in my quest for a light gray or a perlino!

Finally, here is another pretty mare I just had to show off, the Georgian Grande that Felicity and Gromit fluted this afternoon.

Apricot duns are so lovely!

Here's one more look at her avatar, this time from the front:

Maybe I can get my sisters on board with retiring her to our Millennium Fields?

Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Mares

I'm afraid that Interesting Avatars Part 2 isn't ready yet. It will be coming soon, but the weather is too nice this weekend for any of us to buckle down on it. I did want to quickly share with you our latest HI2 news, though.

Our paths crossed with 3 great mares this past week. (We've been keeping an eye out for mares especially because we have two more stallions than mares in the herd right now.)

Bethany spotted the first in the livery.

Her breed, personality, and color are all strikes against her being adopted. We happen to be quite fond of Kaimanawas, though (just ask Yonder and Blush <3). If she'd had one more stat point, Bethany may have caved. I hope somebody found her and took her home!

Rally and I fluted the second on Sunny Glade Isle.

As far as the short-necked Iberian Warmbloods go, she is a great one! Her hooves and her luxurious mane make me smile, and her stats are pretty good too. It's too bad they're not high enough for her to stay permanently.

I spotted the third mare in the auction house on Friday evening. Her auction was nearly over, so I didn't have much time at all to deliberate. After consulting with Julie (Lily and Bethany were in another room), I decided to make the minimum bid. A long minute later,

I know, I know. The new month had hardly started, and here I was already filling our March slot. I hope when you see her you will understand. 

I intended her to be a surprise gift for Lily, our resident Hanoverian lover. I figured that Forte, her dream sooty palomino stallion, would like a Hanoverian friend. Our herd has also been sadly lacking one of the coolest horse colors out there, rose gray, for years, and this was my chance to remedy that. 

Not only is she pretty in her profile, but her avatar is a winner too!

Her only drawback is her personality label, Gadfly. (The nicest definition of gadfly I've been able to find is somebody who upsets the status quo. I won't bother to share the less endearing ones. ;^))

How did Lily react? Well, I think Hanoverians are to her like Nezes are to me. She tried to act like she was displeased and like I shouldn't have done it, but I could tell it was just that: an act. Next time I checked online, the mare looked like this:

I think we all know what that means. XD You're welcome, sis.

Monday, February 26, 2018

Interesting Avatars Part 1

We've focused on cool HI2 horse profile artwork from time to time in this blog, but I don't think we've ever created a post centered on HI2 avatars. I guess that's because we tend to picture our horses in our minds more in terms of their profile pics than of what they look like in avatar form.

Still, a horse's avatar is pretty important. It's what we and other players see as we travel around HI2. Some players buy and/or keep certain horses solely for their eye-catching avatars. We haven't gone that far, but we do definitely take a horse's avatar into consideration when deciding whether or not to keep it. 

So, we're long overdue to give the avatars some undivided attention. Our buddy Xylyl has spent a lot of time combing the BBB for interesting avatars, and she was kind enough to share her list of them with us. With her permission, we will now share them with you - with BBB screenshots to illustrate. It's a long list, so to do it justice, each of us is going to take a turn at it.

I will share the first set. Enjoy!

American Mustang: brindle buckskin
brindle takes the form of gray dapples!

American Paint Horse: any splash white 
(with the exception of cremello and palomino, since you don't really notice their starkly white tails)
silver dapple bay splash is Xylyl's favorite

I'm partial to the silver dapple black splash

American Quarter Horse: the brindles
palomino brindle: black dapples on a bright golden base

brindle sorrel: black dapples on a deep red base

American Saddlebred: flaxen liver chestnut (with or without sabino)
Black horses with orange manes and tails! I prefer the sabino myself. :)

Anglo Arabian: bay gulastra plume (with or without sabino)
Check out the flaxen tail and the faint dapples!
Again, it's pictured with sabino because white stockings are awesome. ;)

Appaloosa: chestnut leopard
pale gray base with bright chestnut points and dapples

Arabian: bay gulastra plume
Love that tail!

Australian Brumby: all leopard colors
All have white bodies and colored blankets rather than the typical dapples.
My favorite is this one, the bay leopard. =)

Australian Stock Horse: brindle palomino
Ooh, dark red dapples!

British Appaloosa: I think the orange-haired chestnuts deserve mentioning!
(Xylyl hasn't weighed in on the breed yet - the breed is too new.)
Chestnut varnish: orange mane, tail, and dapples!

Liver snowflake, blanket, and solid liver: they're not quite as extreme a black and orange as the American Saddlebred, but they're still quite bold!

Liver varnish: orange on a gray-tan base!

Expect more interesting avatars in our next post!

To update you on HI2 news, the most interesting thing that happened last week is that Bethany and Della hit the jackpot on Sunny Glade Isle on Wednesday night. They dug up 10 pirate treasures, caught 4 wild mares, and fluted a 5th wild mare!

Wild #1 was standing right near the dockhouse - a good sign of what was to come.

A +4/6 yellow dun Nokota
Wild #2 was the flute. Bethany didn't expect to find any more wild horses, so she used it early on.
 A +0/6 strawberry roan splashed white Abaco Barb
Wild #3: our first British Appaloosa!
I'm not sure why she looks so gray here - leopards don't look nearly so gray in the BBB
Felicity was drooling over this one, and wow, the mare sure is pretty! Had her personality been more pleasant, we'd have retired her to our ranch isle.

Wild #4: a strawberry muncher

Yes, she's +5/6, but sadly those stats only add up to +22. And in case you, like me, didn't know what a sycophant is, is there for you. A sycophant is "a person who uses flattery to win favor from individuals wielding influence." Well, she can flatter all she wants, but she's not worming her way into the herd. XD

Wild #5 probably thought Bethany wouldn't ride far enough to the edge of the isle to catch her. 
A +4/6 dark bay Dutch Warmblood
Finally, I will throw in a little bit of real-life news. We got a ton of rain in a short period of time last week. Lots of rain + frozen ground = dramatic flooding. Our house and yard are okay, as we aren't in a low-lying area or near any bodies of water. This parking lot where Mom's car hangs out on weekdays wasn't so lucky.
That narrow little pond that Mom watched geese on this past year? It's supposed to stop several feet to the left of that little no parking sign on the far left of the photo. As you can see, it nearly took over the whole lot! Somebody (not Mom) tried to drive through the water in the dark, got disoriented, and drove their SUV into! the pond. As far as I know no other vehicles were harmed.