Hi. I'm Lily, Mom's second historical American Girl doll.

When Mom first saw the Nellie O'Malley doll in a 2004 AG catalogue, she knew she had found her 3rd and final doll. (Ha.) She says the short strawberry blond hair, dark blue eyes, and sprinkling of freckles won her over. So Nellie went onto her Christmas list, and guess who was under the tree that year at her grandma's house?

What's funny is that Mom's cousin also unwrapped a Nellie doll from their grandma at the same time Mom was unwrapping me. Mom didn't even realize her cousin was still into dolls, much less that they'd picked the same one to ask for. Great minds think alike, I guess. Unfortunately, I don't think Mom's cousin still has her Nellie. In fact, I never even saw her again after that Christmas. So no secretly switching places or anything like that for us.

The name Nellie made Mom think of dairy cows and the spoiled girl named Nelly Olson on the show Little House on the Prairie. "Nellie" had to go. In the weighing of names, two emerged as front runners: Lucy (after Lucy Pevencie in the Narnia series) and Lily (after Mom's birth flower, Lily of the Valley). Lily won out because it got more votes from Mom's mom and sisters.

I don't really share much in common with the Nellie O'Malley character, though I have always felt an odd sort of connection to the early 1900's. I love my family, art, and organization. In that order. 8^) My sisters will tell you that sometimes I try a bit too hard to "organize" them, but I mean well. Really, I do. I just want everyone to be happy and safe and get along, and when they're not, I can't help but get involved and try to fix things. I don't know how Julie and Felicity ever got along without me!

Here is my bio list. I came up with the format, by the way.

Name: Lily Elaine O’Malley
Birthday: October 15
Hair Color: strawberry blond
Hair Texture: straight, curls in at ends
Skin Tone: fair with freckles
Eye Color: dark blue
Instrument(s): piano, cello, and bass
Favorite Color: sky blue
Favorite Animal: rabbit
Hobbies: horseback riding, drawing
Favorite Main Dish: fettuccini alfredo with shrimp
Favorite Dessert: chocolate and peanut butter bars
Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: moose tracks
Favorite Book: Ella Enchanted
Favorite Movie: Homeward Bound
Favorite TV Show: What Not to Wear

Here is my personality as I think it would appear according to Horse Isle 2's system. (Confused? See our blog post from April 22, 2014.)

Personality: Unique

(5) Middle
I’m not at all brave when it comes to doing anything potentially risky (to me that’s more being reckless than being brave). However, I can be brave in other areas, like choosing not to go along with the crowd, being honest with people, and owning up to my mistakes. There are some things I’m not so brave about, though, like spiders and anything with a stinger.

(5) Middle

Again, I put myself in the middle ground. I wouldn’t consider myself easygoing, as I’m a bit too bossy for that (just ask my sisters). I’m not especially stubborn either, though I suppose I have my moments like most people.

(8) Very Social 
What’s life without friends and family to share it with? I consider myself friendly, and I like being around people, whether I’ve met them before or not.

(1) Extremely Leaderish 
Yeah, I like to be in charge. Yeah, I sometimes take it too far. Most of the time I think I do pretty well, though.

(8) Very Energetic
I have been labeled an “overachiever” at school, since I work hard, participate in class discussions, and always do extra credit when it’s offered. I like to stay busy in my free time too: drawing, practicing piano and cello, riding, and exercising. I’m no energizer bunny, though - I do need to relax from time to
time - just not for so long that I get bored.

My Pets

My dog is a German Shepherd named Winter. She doesn't realize how huge she is, which can be a problem sometimes. (She still thinks she can fit on laps and in a tiny dog carrier, for instance.) Even though she has an intimidating alarm bark, she is actually a big sweetheart who loves to lick faces but would never bite. Winter can be quite energetic when she wants to be, but she is also an expert couch potato when nothing's going on. Sometimes she falls asleep in doorways and other main walkways and becomes a big, furry speed bump.

This is my palomino mare, Sunlight:

Sunlight is a Quarter Horse/Arabian cross with a super silky mane and tail. She's always had a few flyaway hairs that refuse to lay flat in her mane, which I think give her character. The first name that came to my mind when I saw her was Sunny. That seemed way too common, so I entertained other sun- and star-themed names like Sundrop, Sunstone, Sunny Delight, Dawn, Twinkle, Starlight, and Starfire before coming up with Sunlight. I can still call her Sunny when I want to, but she has a more special full name for the show ring.

Sunlight is a very sensitive horse who is great at picking up on my mood. If I'm calm and confident, so is she. If I'm nervous and unsure, so is she. It's a good thing I am usually a fairly level-headed rider or we'd have real problems.

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