Saturday, March 28, 2015

We Feel Lucky

Well, it's looking like I'm not going to be winning the competition. March is almost over, and we still haven't lassoed any 6/6 wild stallions. Ravine and I came close this morning on Twin Rivers, though:

This Gelderland stallion was only 6 stat points short! So close yet so far.
I think we're all in agreement that the Gelderland's artwork on HI2 leaves much to be desired, but the breed is still pleasant to behold. And c'mon, this guy is cute - in a blocky, angular kind of way. He makes me smile.

When I showed him to Lily after I caught him, I guess she could tell I really liked him. She told me to keep him, and then when it was her turn to play, she put that little 6/6 POA she found in the humane society back into the humane society. Lily said that despite his good looks and personality, he was pretty tiny and his stats weren't outstanding. She hadn't come up with a good name for him either, so she wasn't yet very attached. She says she'd rather hold out for that wild 6/6 stallion that has to be coming eventually. I think she was still rather sad to see him go, but, happily, we saw that he was adopted within 5 minutes of his surrender. 

Because we have been creeping up towards our current maximum of 76 horses, my sisters and I also made the tough decision to surrender two of the three 5/6 mares we've been reluctant to part with. 
+67 Maremmano
+50 Datong
(This isn't actually her, but our best attempt to recreate her likeness using the BBB. We regret that we forgot to take a screenshot while she was ours. She has a sock or stocking on her right hind leg. No other markings.)
They took longer to be adopted than the 6/6 POA, but when we checked back a few hours later, neither one was up for adoption anymore. They are both so lovely that I doubt they had long to wait. 

The third 5/6 mare is the Russian Heavy Draft we've had since November. We think her markings are picture perfect, and her persona is really cool: four 4's and a 10. She is also +33, and 33 is Mom's favorite number. Because of her breed, rather common coat color, and lower stats, we feared no one would adopt her from the h.s. Nobody wanted her when we tried to auction her after she reached 1000 exp either. We've finally made it official and changed her status to "not for sale now." Jolly, my porcelain gray RHD, couldn't be more jolly. The two have become quite close since his arrival back on New Year's Eve.

I'm not the only one who's been lucky this weekend. On Friday night, Felicity happened to discover this +94 ASH in the livery. My goodness, is she ever lucky! First Jenga in the auction house, and now him! His former owner had found him in the livery herself (hence the message you see on his profile) and apparently decided to pass him on the same way.

Felicity had seen this stallion's surrenderer enter the NarrowTon livery just moments before - talk about lucky timing!

As appropriate as the name "Lucky" is for this guy, it was a bit too unoriginal for Felicity's taste. She instead chose to name him "Gromit." Why? That'll take some explaining.

If you live in a region of the world that gets accumulating snow like we do, you will know how vehicles collect a dirty, frozen slush thing behind their tires when they drive on snowy roads. Here's a really big one:

When Mom was little, her dad decided it would be amusing to tell her that these things were called "grommets." He'd point to one and say, "Look at the size of that grommet!" It caught on, and Mom was never sure why he was always so happy when they talked about them. Mom was utterly shocked to learn, years later, that there isn't really any official term for these things, that "grommets" are actually those little metal rings that reinforce holes in fabric. 

To this day, everyone in the family calls those slushy tag-alongs "grommets." Felicity, in turn, was utterly shocked to learn that the word for the metal rings is spelled "grommet," not "gromit" like the dog in Wallace and Gromit. She'd never had reason to see it in print before.

So, to make a long story short, Felicity has been waiting for a gray stallion to name "Gromit" (spelled the way she likes) for ages. It was meant to be. =)

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Lily's Lacy Lapse

Now that we are keeping Jenga and that 6/6 Dole mare (way to screw things up, Felicity ;)), we sure are overdue for some stallions. Predictably, there still haven't been any 6/6 wild stallions for Pepsi. I'm liking my chances right now to win this competition.

My sisters and I have been clicking through those livery horses quite a bit, only pausing to check the stallions. Because really, this stallion dry spell is getting ridiculous. 

I found two worthy of mention this weekend. The first:

I seriously considered adopting this Rocky because of his cute socks and great stats. I was able to resist because...
1. his avatar sadly lacks black lower legs. 
2. one of the coolest things about Rocky Mountain Horses is that they come in silver dapple. Hence I will hold out for one of those. Someday. Maybe.

Later on, though, I came across this plucky POA. 

And, well...

I know, I know. We already have a March horse. It was an embarrassing lapse in self-control. I still don't know for sure if he will be staying with us permanently, but by adopting him we earned the Caring award. Maybe that was a sign?

If we do keep this guy, I think he should be named something old fashioned and sophisticated. After all, he has lace decorating his rump! I am uninspired at the moment, but hopefully something will come to me.

I have one more entertaining HI2 moment to mention: running into somebody with similar choices in avatar fashion.
I thought about saying something to her, but I'd already followed this person from the general store into the dock house (coincidence - honestly) and didn't want to seem creepy. =)

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

It's not just any Pi Day today, but the ultimate Pi Day: 3/14/15!

Pi is what you get when you divide the circumference of a a circle by its diameter. It is an irrational number, the first 10 digits of which are 3.141592653. Hence, 9:26:53 this morning and tonight are extra special!

To celebrate the day, Mom hopes to get a free slice of fruit pie from a local pie company. (The pie company does this every year.) My sisters and I hope to swipe the McDonald's apple pie in the fridge (our aunt seems to have forgotten it's there, but we haven't ;)) while the family is gone this evening. We will then divvy it up and eat our pieces at 9:26 pm.

Apple pie is delicious.
Julie's favorite: apple
But my favorite is mixed berry - I love the way the berry flavors blend together. The one in the picture below is blueberry raspberry. I like it even more when blackberries and strawberries are thrown in.
My (Felicity's) favorite: mixed berry
And of course Lily and Bethany have their own favorites. 
Lily's favorite: peach blueberry
Bethany's favorite: blueberry
Oh, yum. These are all making my mouth water. <3

Speaking of tasty fruity things, you may or may not remember that Dole horses remind me of Dole fruit cups. (Sorry. I know that was a pretty sad segway...)

Early Thursday morning, I used the flute while riding Arion on Harbor Isle. A dun Dole appeared. 

A mare.

Correction: a 6/6 mare!

Wow, the first 6/6 wild horse we've caught since October! And a Norwegian breed at long last! <3 I've been waiting and hoping since we started playing the game. Thank you, Poseidon!

I'm keeping her for myself, naturally, but I'm still not sure what to name her. Poinsettia has already used the letter P for this round, so Peachy is out. She is too fuzzy to be Nectarine and she isn't really red enough to be Maraschino. Tang perhaps? Or I could go with some other fruit like Guava, Honeydew, Kiwi, or Mango. Hmm...

Even though it's stallions we're experiencing a sad lack of, finding this Dole doesn't mean we're going to give the Belgian mare the boot. I was able to get Jenga added to the HI2 dictionary (yay!), so that is the Belgian's name after all. <3

Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Getting Drafty

Okay, it's official: we did not catch any 6/6 wild stallions in February. Sorry, Bethany. No companions for you. But we weren't quite done when Lily wrote her post last Saturday, February 28. Or rather, I wasn't quite done.

So there I was in the Plains auction house to auction off one last wild horse for the day. Out of curiosity, I checked out the other horses up for auction. (I almost always do. ;)) There she was, with 8 minutes left in her auction:

A wild-caught 6/6 +94 horse with 25 stat trainings going to the foreign bidder for only $20k? What?!

Several people were in the auction house with me, including the mare's seller. I figured that a few interested buyers were just waiting for the final minute or two of the auction to pounce, but I decided to hang around and watch all the same. Time ticked by. To my amazement, with less than a minute left, she still had no other bids. So, I bid, of course. $20,500. A tense had-to-be-longer-than-a-minute later, she was ours. I could hardly believe it. 

Was it a fluke? I imagine the Belgian isn't a wildly popular breed here on HI2, but with those kind of stats... 

 Let's just say it's a good thing this mare has a well-developed sense of humor. However it happened, she is ours now, and I doubt she'll be going anywhere. Here is her lovely copper and lemon avatar:

We will probably count her as our March horse unless our luck with wild horses improves drastically this month. We didn't catch any wilds in February with stats that met our standards. If it wasn't for Bethany finding Xanthos in the livery, this mare would've been it for February.

I haven't decided on a name yet. I wanted to name her Jenga (that game where you pull out wooden pieces from a tower and try not to make it fall over), but it's not in HI2's dictionary. I suggested it be added, so we shall see. Fluke would also be cute, but it sort of make me think of whales, and... Yeah, I'm going to stop there. 

Moving ahead to the present, I rode Windy out to Twin Rivers Isle this morning for Pepsi's third Saturday in a row. (It was another one of days where foreign bidders will pay more for wild horses, and we figured we had nothing to lose.) We found 3 wild horses. Not bad at all. It can't always be the wild hotspot it has been for Lily. 

The second of the 3 Twin Rivers wilds was a cremello splashed white American Paint Horse. At first glance, I thought it might be a cremello sabino like Lily's Zephyr. The only difference in their avatars: the tails!

They don't quite look as similar in their profile pics. (I think Zeph is more handsome. ;))

The wild Paint