Saturday, March 28, 2015

We Feel Lucky

Well, it's looking like I'm not going to be winning the competition. March is almost over, and we still haven't lassoed any 6/6 wild stallions. Ravine and I came close this morning on Twin Rivers, though:

This Gelderland stallion was only 6 stat points short! So close yet so far.
I think we're all in agreement that the Gelderland's artwork on HI2 leaves much to be desired, but the breed is still pleasant to behold. And c'mon, this guy is cute - in a blocky, angular kind of way. He makes me smile.

When I showed him to Lily after I caught him, I guess she could tell I really liked him. She told me to keep him, and then when it was her turn to play, she put that little 6/6 POA she found in the humane society back into the humane society. Lily said that despite his good looks and personality, he was pretty tiny and his stats weren't outstanding. She hadn't come up with a good name for him either, so she wasn't yet very attached. She says she'd rather hold out for that wild 6/6 stallion that has to be coming eventually. I think she was still rather sad to see him go, but, happily, we saw that he was adopted within 5 minutes of his surrender. 

Because we have been creeping up towards our current maximum of 76 horses, my sisters and I also made the tough decision to surrender two of the three 5/6 mares we've been reluctant to part with. 
+67 Maremmano
+50 Datong
(This isn't actually her, but our best attempt to recreate her likeness using the BBB. We regret that we forgot to take a screenshot while she was ours. She has a sock or stocking on her right hind leg. No other markings.)
They took longer to be adopted than the 6/6 POA, but when we checked back a few hours later, neither one was up for adoption anymore. They are both so lovely that I doubt they had long to wait. 

The third 5/6 mare is the Russian Heavy Draft we've had since November. We think her markings are picture perfect, and her persona is really cool: four 4's and a 10. She is also +33, and 33 is Mom's favorite number. Because of her breed, rather common coat color, and lower stats, we feared no one would adopt her from the h.s. Nobody wanted her when we tried to auction her after she reached 1000 exp either. We've finally made it official and changed her status to "not for sale now." Jolly, my porcelain gray RHD, couldn't be more jolly. The two have become quite close since his arrival back on New Year's Eve.

I'm not the only one who's been lucky this weekend. On Friday night, Felicity happened to discover this +94 ASH in the livery. My goodness, is she ever lucky! First Jenga in the auction house, and now him! His former owner had found him in the livery herself (hence the message you see on his profile) and apparently decided to pass him on the same way.

Felicity had seen this stallion's surrenderer enter the NarrowTon livery just moments before - talk about lucky timing!

As appropriate as the name "Lucky" is for this guy, it was a bit too unoriginal for Felicity's taste. She instead chose to name him "Gromit." Why? That'll take some explaining.

If you live in a region of the world that gets accumulating snow like we do, you will know how vehicles collect a dirty, frozen slush thing behind their tires when they drive on snowy roads. Here's a really big one:

When Mom was little, her dad decided it would be amusing to tell her that these things were called "grommets." He'd point to one and say, "Look at the size of that grommet!" It caught on, and Mom was never sure why he was always so happy when they talked about them. Mom was utterly shocked to learn, years later, that there isn't really any official term for these things, that "grommets" are actually those little metal rings that reinforce holes in fabric. 

To this day, everyone in the family calls those slushy tag-alongs "grommets." Felicity, in turn, was utterly shocked to learn that the word for the metal rings is spelled "grommet," not "gromit" like the dog in Wallace and Gromit. She'd never had reason to see it in print before.

So, to make a long story short, Felicity has been waiting for a gray stallion to name "Gromit" (spelled the way she likes) for ages. It was meant to be. =)

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