Sunday, April 5, 2015

An Impostor!

Happy Easter, everybody! It seems like it's quite early this year, doesn't it? The plants are all still in hibernation in our backyard. Hence, there will be no picturesque photos of us in our Easter best outside among the flowers. Oh well. 

Here it is only April 5, and already April has been an entertaining month on Horse Isle 2.

We didn't get a chance to play HI2 on April Fool's Day, but I guess HI2 wanted to pull something on us anyway. Mistral, my grey Camargue stallion, and travelled to Sunny Glade Isle yesterday morning to use the magic flute. What did we flute? A grey Camargue! This is the first time any of us has ever fluted the exact breed and color of horse we were riding. Not only that, but this Camargue was 13.3 hands and a stallion just like my Mistral! 

Hanging out with the Mistral impostor. This is one of several screenshots I took, lol.
The wild:


If you click on these photos to see them full size, you will see that there are some subtle differences between these look-alikes. The wild has a freckly face, a darker muzzle, and darker hooves. Well done, all the same, HI2! My sisters and I were all quite amused. We decided to retire the wild to our ranch so that we can visit him anytime we want. We named him Marin, which is another French wind.

After catching Marin, Mistral took Pepsi around the isle to look for any other wilds lurking about. We don't usually have much luck on this isle, but for once we actually found one. 

I immediately thought "Abaco Barb" when I saw this one. Nope. Spotted Draft. XD

She is so lovely that I just had to share her here! It's not every day one finds a black silver dapple tovero with blue eyes! Her stats aren't quite up to our standards, so we won't be keeping her. I think somebody's going to be very pleased to find her in the livery, though! <3

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