Saturday, April 18, 2015

Where's Your Star?

Look who Flora and I lured with the flute early Tuesday morning! 

She did not want to appear inside the sheep pen. XD

This is the 5th 6/6 horse I have found while riding Flora. (The first 4 were Zephyr, Mistral, Vinca, and Della: 2 stallions and 2 mares.) What a lucky girl Flora is! <3

As you may recall from an earlier post, I am rather fond of HI2's Furiosos. For having the older-style artwork, I think they're really cute - even if their hind legs are a bit wonky. Also, back when we first got our flute and Bethany posted about our first 10 fluted horses, you may recall that 3 of them were mahogany bay mares. Maybe she's right about that flute being made of mahogany wood. At any rate, we couldn't help but laugh that it gave us a 6/6 mahogany bay mare.

This mare is sadly lacking a facial marking. I was really hoping for a star, since the Furioso is also known as the Furioso-North Star. She also has a rather difficult personality and is, of course, yet another mare to further unbalance our mare:stallion ratio. But wow, +97?! With that much natural talent, there's no question that she's staying! Even though she doesn't have a star on her forehead, I couldn't resist naming her after a star anyway: Vega. Vega is the 5th brightest star in the night sky, and this mare is the 5th 6/6 horse the Flora has found - it only seemed right.

On Thursday when Julie and Fort used the flute - again on Bend Isle - it gave her another Furioso! This one was a stallion, but of course he wasn't anywhere near as fabulous as Vega. He didn't have a star either.

Am I the only one who's noticed that the avatars of seal brown horses on HI2 tend to look darker than the avatars of black ones?

This morning, Julie and Fort used the flute yet again on Bend Isle. (We've been parked there for most of the week - haven't had time to do anything more than flute.) We just had to share her with you: another gorgeous Spotted Draft Horse mare.

Julie thought this would be a lucky place to use the flute.  =)
Also note Fort's perfectly camouflaged hooves.

I just love champagnes. Throw spots and blue eyes into the mix, and wow! I hope somebody decides to adopt her. She came with a rhino beetle companion, as you can see - our third one. 

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