Saturday, April 25, 2015

A Sparkly Saturday

Lily here again. This morning when I logged onto HI2, I thought to myself, hmm, we haven't been to the mountains in a long time. I checked the mini map, and there weren't any red dots on the eastern mountain isles. So, Cider and I set out. 

Since it was Saturday, I wasn't expecting to make much of a mining haul. I was pleasantly surprised. We didn't run into a single player our entire time out there. From Cavern to Pinnacle, to Crater Mountain, through Long Low Cave, we made out like bandits. All of the gems were sparkly, all of the chests were shut, and all of the nests had golden eggs. It was incredible! I guess a lot of players slept in today... or else didn't feel much like staring at gray and black. 

It wasn't until we ventured from Alpine Isle onto Rocky Cove Isle that we discovered opened chests and mined gems. At that point, Bethany took over playing and switched to her Fell pony December. She figured, like I had, that somebody was out looting Rocky Cove and Rocky, so she left him or her to it and took the rowboat back to Alpine Isle. Alpine, to their delight, appeared not to have been touched. Bethany and December happily meandered their way through the ledges and the labyrinth mining and grabbing eggs. Once they were done, Pepsi's energy was nearly depleted, and it was time to head home.

Bethany had to log out in a hurry once she set foot on Blue Mountain Isle (Felicity was chomping at the bit for us to go out and ride our real horses), so we'll never know if the gems were sparkly there too. 

Let me backtrack before I go, though. I haven't yet talked about the most exciting finds, the Dutchies and wilds, and I have screenshots! 
Dutchies #1 and #2. I'd already grabbed the golden egg from the tree on the left. ;)
Dutchie #3
Dutchie #4, a light brown Budyonny, and a sooty palomino Grade Draft
Dutchie #5
Dutchie #6
Dutchie #7
Dutchie #8. Tread lightly, Cider!
Dutchie #9 and a dark grey Highland Pony
Dutchie #10. Pardon us, Mr. Duck.
Yep, that's right: 10 Lost Dutchman mines and 3 wild horses in addition to all those eggs and gems! Talk about a productive mining expedition! =D Is this the mountains' way of telling us they've missed us?

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