Monday, September 23, 2013

Lily's Masterpiece

Hi! Felicity here.

Here is an artistic rendering of our first four Horse Isle 2 horses. The artist is none other than my sister Lily, who did not want to post it herself. Something about not wanting to toot her own horn, I think she said. So, I decided to toot it for her.

You can click on the image to see a larger version. That's Ophelia out in front, since she's the strongest leader. After her is energetic Yetta, and after her is slightly lazy Galileo. Taking up the rear is placid little Ravine, since he's a follower.

I hope Lily does another drawing of our next four horses, or better yet, one with all 8 together. That'd be a big picture, though.

Monday, September 16, 2013

8 Stalls are Full

Hi everybody!

It's been a few months since we last posted about our current Horse Isle 2 horse collection, so here's an update. As of this afternoon, we each finally have 2 horses all our own. (Julie finally picked her second horse. Hooray!) We aren't including Bethany's new 6/6 Brumby yet because he is still nameless and tackless.

Bethany's horses:
Ophelia the Dales Pony mare
14.0 hands, light dapple grey
+38, Drill Sergeant personality
gift on our first day
Lysithea (Thea) the American Paint Horse mare
14.2 hands, grey splash white
-6, Investigator personality
bought from a buddy

Felicity's horses:

Galileo the Calabrese stallion
16.3 hands, black chestnut sabino
+25, Unique personality
caught by Felicity
Arion (Ari) the Thessalian stallion
14.2 hands, chestnut
+42, Know-It-All personality
caught by Bethany

Julie's horses:

Ravine the Nokota stallion
14.3 hands, primitive dun
-28, Placid personality
caught by Julie
Nightshade (Shady) the American Mustang mare
13.3 hands, black
+60, Perfect Competitor personality
bought at auction (only $5,000!)

My (Lily's) horses:
Yetta the Warlander mare
16.2 hands, grulla tobiano
-17, Kibbitzer personality
caught by Lily
Solo the Jutland stallion
16.1 hands, flaxen sorrel
+55, Unique personality
caught by Lily
All fine mounts! 4 mares and 4 stallions total. We seem to be magnets for either small horses/large ponies or tall 16+ handers. Maybe this will change as we collect our next 4... 

Sidenote: isn't it funny how the English saddle changes size and shape to fit each horse? (We are still rotating the same one saddle. Wow, are we ever cheap, lol.)

Thursday, September 12, 2013

Brumby Love

Guess who found our second all-positive-stat wild horse on Horse Isle 2 today? Yeah, that's right: I did. I must have the magic touch for finding awesome horses without even trying. I was minding my own business, doing the Secrets of the Obelisk Quest, and there he was, just waiting for me.

Here's what he looked like when I found him:
Aw, white dapples!

Here he is in all his up-close glory:

Another messy-maned boy.
I bet he and Ravine will be good buddies

Oh boy, let's hope he doesn't butt heads with Arion,
another Know-It-All horse in our stable

Now to think of a name... hmm...

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Pets

Happy Saturday!

So, I realized today that we've never posted anything about Happy Pets in this blog. This must change! Happy Pets is a very entertaining Facebook game. You buy cute pets to occupy rooms and yards that you decorate yourself. When the pets grow up, you can breed them to create unique offspring. The animals never die or run away, no matter how long you are away, which is a good thing for forgetful people like me.

Here are a few fun screenshots of some of our pets:

Romeo and Zeta
Musical kitties
Yeah, that's a lot of amethysts
What happens when you leave the window open for a long time
when gift-giving pets are happy: present overload!
Chasing the laser pointer
More laser pointer fun
Cedar's doing her "morph ball" trick.
Dance, Sven, dance
Time for a catnap
There, now you've had your dose of cuteness for the day.