Monday, September 16, 2013

8 Stalls are Full

Hi everybody!

It's been a few months since we last posted about our current Horse Isle 2 horse collection, so here's an update. As of this afternoon, we each finally have 2 horses all our own. (Julie finally picked her second horse. Hooray!) We aren't including Bethany's new 6/6 Brumby yet because he is still nameless and tackless.

Bethany's horses:
Ophelia the Dales Pony mare
14.0 hands, light dapple grey
+38, Drill Sergeant personality
gift on our first day
Lysithea (Thea) the American Paint Horse mare
14.2 hands, grey splash white
-6, Investigator personality
bought from a buddy

Felicity's horses:

Galileo the Calabrese stallion
16.3 hands, black chestnut sabino
+25, Unique personality
caught by Felicity
Arion (Ari) the Thessalian stallion
14.2 hands, chestnut
+42, Know-It-All personality
caught by Bethany

Julie's horses:

Ravine the Nokota stallion
14.3 hands, primitive dun
-28, Placid personality
caught by Julie
Nightshade (Shady) the American Mustang mare
13.3 hands, black
+60, Perfect Competitor personality
bought at auction (only $5,000!)

My (Lily's) horses:
Yetta the Warlander mare
16.2 hands, grulla tobiano
-17, Kibbitzer personality
caught by Lily
Solo the Jutland stallion
16.1 hands, flaxen sorrel
+55, Unique personality
caught by Lily
All fine mounts! 4 mares and 4 stallions total. We seem to be magnets for either small horses/large ponies or tall 16+ handers. Maybe this will change as we collect our next 4... 

Sidenote: isn't it funny how the English saddle changes size and shape to fit each horse? (We are still rotating the same one saddle. Wow, are we ever cheap, lol.)

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