Saturday, September 7, 2013

Happy Pets

Happy Saturday!

So, I realized today that we've never posted anything about Happy Pets in this blog. This must change! Happy Pets is a very entertaining Facebook game. You buy cute pets to occupy rooms and yards that you decorate yourself. When the pets grow up, you can breed them to create unique offspring. The animals never die or run away, no matter how long you are away, which is a good thing for forgetful people like me.

Here are a few fun screenshots of some of our pets:

Romeo and Zeta
Musical kitties
Yeah, that's a lot of amethysts
What happens when you leave the window open for a long time
when gift-giving pets are happy: present overload!
Chasing the laser pointer
More laser pointer fun
Cedar's doing her "morph ball" trick.
Dance, Sven, dance
Time for a catnap
There, now you've had your dose of cuteness for the day. 

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