Tuesday, August 27, 2013

A New Face in AG's MAG Collection

Here is something else worth mentioning that was new in American Girl's latest catalogue:

Meet My American Girl doll F5151. She is described as having light skin, layered brown hair, and brown eyes. Here's a close up:

Why is she significant? you may be wondering. Well, because if she had existed over a decade ago, Mom would probably have gotten her rather than little old me to be her look-alike doll. Ever since Mom became interested in American Girl dolls way back when, American Girl had never made one that looked much like her. It's strange because Mom isn't some freak of nature: she has long, straight brown hair without bangs, brown eyes, and light skin without freckles. It seemed that anytime AG made a brown haired doll with brown eyes, she either had bangs, short hair, or medium-toned skin... until now...

F5151 isn't as good of a match for Mom as me, since Mom never has had her hair this dramatically layered. Still, it's close enough that it sure is lucky for me that she wasn't around back in 2001!

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