Wednesday, August 7, 2013

One Special HI2 Pony

Guess what? I, Bethany Jo Walsh, caught our first ever horse with all positive stats on Horse Isle 2! I think I am especially lucky this week because it's the week of my birthday. :) Check out our special little Shetland stallion.

Here he was, just south of YouTalkinToMeFins' tree, waiting for me as still as could be.

Any smaller and I might have to get out a magnifying glass...

What a smart little guy!

I'm not sure we will be keeping him around permanently. I think he's cute, but really, only 8.3 hands? It's just silly to imagine 5'4" Mom riding him, and she's the model for our avatar. XD Besides, we already have a horse with the "unique" personality (Felicity's Galileo), so do we really need 2? Plus as much as I like liver chestnuts, there are tons of them cantering around on HI2. As long as he isn't named, there's a chance we won't get all emotional about him, lol. I'm guessing we'll keep him around until we catch our second 6/6 horse. Hopefully the next one will be a bit... erm... bigger?

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