Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's Getting Drafty

Okay, it's official: we did not catch any 6/6 wild stallions in February. Sorry, Bethany. No companions for you. But we weren't quite done when Lily wrote her post last Saturday, February 28. Or rather, I wasn't quite done.

So there I was in the Plains auction house to auction off one last wild horse for the day. Out of curiosity, I checked out the other horses up for auction. (I almost always do. ;)) There she was, with 8 minutes left in her auction:

A wild-caught 6/6 +94 horse with 25 stat trainings going to the foreign bidder for only $20k? What?!

Several people were in the auction house with me, including the mare's seller. I figured that a few interested buyers were just waiting for the final minute or two of the auction to pounce, but I decided to hang around and watch all the same. Time ticked by. To my amazement, with less than a minute left, she still had no other bids. So, I bid, of course. $20,500. A tense had-to-be-longer-than-a-minute later, she was ours. I could hardly believe it. 

Was it a fluke? I imagine the Belgian isn't a wildly popular breed here on HI2, but with those kind of stats... 

 Let's just say it's a good thing this mare has a well-developed sense of humor. However it happened, she is ours now, and I doubt she'll be going anywhere. Here is her lovely copper and lemon avatar:

We will probably count her as our March horse unless our luck with wild horses improves drastically this month. We didn't catch any wilds in February with stats that met our standards. If it wasn't for Bethany finding Xanthos in the livery, this mare would've been it for February.

I haven't decided on a name yet. I wanted to name her Jenga (that game where you pull out wooden pieces from a tower and try not to make it fall over), but it's not in HI2's dictionary. I suggested it be added, so we shall see. Fluke would also be cute, but it sort of make me think of whales, and... Yeah, I'm going to stop there. 

Moving ahead to the present, I rode Windy out to Twin Rivers Isle this morning for Pepsi's third Saturday in a row. (It was another one of days where foreign bidders will pay more for wild horses, and we figured we had nothing to lose.) We found 3 wild horses. Not bad at all. It can't always be the wild hotspot it has been for Lily. 

The second of the 3 Twin Rivers wilds was a cremello splashed white American Paint Horse. At first glance, I thought it might be a cremello sabino like Lily's Zephyr. The only difference in their avatars: the tails!

They don't quite look as similar in their profile pics. (I think Zeph is more handsome. ;))

The wild Paint

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