Saturday, March 14, 2015

Happy Pi Day!

It's not just any Pi Day today, but the ultimate Pi Day: 3/14/15!

Pi is what you get when you divide the circumference of a a circle by its diameter. It is an irrational number, the first 10 digits of which are 3.141592653. Hence, 9:26:53 this morning and tonight are extra special!

To celebrate the day, Mom hopes to get a free slice of fruit pie from a local pie company. (The pie company does this every year.) My sisters and I hope to swipe the McDonald's apple pie in the fridge (our aunt seems to have forgotten it's there, but we haven't ;)) while the family is gone this evening. We will then divvy it up and eat our pieces at 9:26 pm.

Apple pie is delicious.
Julie's favorite: apple
But my favorite is mixed berry - I love the way the berry flavors blend together. The one in the picture below is blueberry raspberry. I like it even more when blackberries and strawberries are thrown in.
My (Felicity's) favorite: mixed berry
And of course Lily and Bethany have their own favorites. 
Lily's favorite: peach blueberry
Bethany's favorite: blueberry
Oh, yum. These are all making my mouth water. <3

Speaking of tasty fruity things, you may or may not remember that Dole horses remind me of Dole fruit cups. (Sorry. I know that was a pretty sad segway...)

Early Thursday morning, I used the flute while riding Arion on Harbor Isle. A dun Dole appeared. 

A mare.

Correction: a 6/6 mare!

Wow, the first 6/6 wild horse we've caught since October! And a Norwegian breed at long last! <3 I've been waiting and hoping since we started playing the game. Thank you, Poseidon!

I'm keeping her for myself, naturally, but I'm still not sure what to name her. Poinsettia has already used the letter P for this round, so Peachy is out. She is too fuzzy to be Nectarine and she isn't really red enough to be Maraschino. Tang perhaps? Or I could go with some other fruit like Guava, Honeydew, Kiwi, or Mango. Hmm...

Even though it's stallions we're experiencing a sad lack of, finding this Dole doesn't mean we're going to give the Belgian mare the boot. I was able to get Jenga added to the HI2 dictionary (yay!), so that is the Belgian's name after all. <3

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