Saturday, February 28, 2015

Twin Rivers Record

Lily here again. The special event on HI2 today: foreign bidders were willing to pay more for horses at auction. Well then, I thought, I think it's time to visit Twin Rivers Isle again. Maybe I'll find a surplus of wild horses like I did on Valentine's Day. Before heading out, though, I auctioned off yesterday's fluted horse and surrendered a nice wild 5/6 Knabstrup mare to the H.S. While I was in the livery, I clicked through the adoptable horses. Look who I found!

Not bad, huh? I wasn't the only one who thought so. Less than a minute after I spotted her, I went back to look at her again. She had disappeared! Somebody got a great little horse! <3

8 horse slots now free, Poinsettia and I journeyed out to Twin Rivers Isle. No other players were there, nor did it look like any had been there in a while. Should I ride to the eastern side first, where I found 5! wilds on Valentine's Day? Or should I check the western side first, where we've found two of our 6/6 horses in the past (Pal and Zesty)? 

I decided on covering the western side first. Before long, we found our first wild.

Wild #1: black Furioso stallion

Encouraged, Poinsettia and I made our way to the next grassy expanse. We found the next wild by a furbur. =)

Wild #2: silver dapple bay leopard Noriker stallion

Wild #3 was a flaxen golden chestnut Haflinger stallion. Bummer about his stats! I love this breed.

I'm not sure why I always check the little patch of grass in the southern fork of the rivers, but I do. For once, there was actually a wild there!

Wild #4: red dun Mangalarga Marchador stallion. I was really hoping for good stats. Alas, it wasn't to be!

I rode around the southern tip of the river to get to the eastern side of the isle, and it was then that I noticed another player on the isle. He/she was after wild horses too. I watched the red dot choose the western side of the isle. I considered telling him/her I'd already been over there, but there was a lot of ground I didn't cover (the laggy forests), so I kept quiet. XD

Poinsettia and I found 3 more wild horses on the eastern side of the isle. A third player arrived on the isle and also chose the western side, so I was never disturbed. Talk about lucky! 

Wild #5: black Sicilian stallion

Wild #6: golden chestnut Hackney mare

Wild #7: blood bay Cleveland Bay mare

We still had one horse slot left to be filled, but no wild horses were lurking in the northernmost expanse of grass. Believe me, we looked. XD So, back we went to Prairie Isle. We wandered around picking pears and found one last wild on our journey back to the dock house. 

Wild #8: dark bay Dales Pony mare

Wow, what a haul! I never thought when we set out that we'd fill all 8 of our slots! Back we went to Plains Isle to auction them off two by two. It's a bummer that none of them were 6/6 stallions, though... Sorry, Bethany, but I think it's safe to say you aren't going to win our competition.

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