Tuesday, February 10, 2015


Look who I found in the livery on Friday night!

Aw, where'd you lose your 4th stocking, buddy?
6/6, +75
I just love the Peruvian Paso breed on HI2 - so noble and friendly-looking. Even though this guy is golden bay and not dun, he reminds me a bit of Spirit from the movie Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron. Since we already have a Peruvian Paso in the herd (Xanadu, Julie's golden roan mare), I didn't adopt him immediately. I went about my business for a few minutes, giving other players a chance to find and adopt him. When I came back later and he was still there waiting, I decided it was fate and adopted him. Hello, February horse!

As you can see from his history, he was originally a wild 6/6 stallion. However, since we didn't catch him ourselves, he doesn't count towards our sisterly contest. (Too bad, or I'd already be the winner...)

A few more interesting things to note about his history:

  • He was caught two days before my birthday. Yay August!
  • Both his capturer and his adopter surrendered him to the h.s. when they decided not to keep him. Maybe they were non-subs? Or maybe they were just being nice and hoping to make somebody's day? =)
  • His adopter kept him for about 2 1/2 years and changed his name 5 times before deciding on "Sunchain."

Of his many names, his last two were the ones that inspired his 7th. "Sleipnir" got me thinking about mythical horses, while "Sunchain" got me thinking about golden sunlight. The perfect combination in my mind: Xanthos! In Greek mythology, Xanthos and Balios were two immortal horses that Poseidon gave to King Peleus. The king later gave the two horses to his son, Achilles, to draw his chariot during the Trojan War. "Xanthos" means "golden" in Greek. And if that isn't enough reason, it starts with an X, which is pretty cool in and of itself. 

Here is the mighty Xanthos in avatar form. He looks like Spirit here too. =)

Xanadu (Julie's Peruvian mare) and Xanthos are hitting it off well. It's good she has a friend to keep her busy, as many of the other horses were getting annoyed by her dictatorial tendencies. XD

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