Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Morning of the Mangas

To recap, we are in the midst of a 6/6 wild stallion drought on HI2. We haven't caught one since June of 2014. 6/6 wilds of both genders have eluded us completely since October. It's a bummer.

January passed uneventfully - we didn't even catch any 5/6 stallions. To Julie's delight, this means she gets to keep her New Year's Eve draftie, Jolly, as our token January horse.

Onward to February. We 4 sisters have agreed to make things more interesting by guessing when we will find our next 6/6 wild stallion. Whoever guesses the month correctly is the winner and will receive 3 companion animals of her choice (one bought by each sister). 

Bethany's chosen February, Julie's chosen March, Felicity's chosen April, and Lily has chosen "May and beyond." Lily's guess doesn't seem entirely fair, since it's longer than a month, but whatever. We can't possibly go a whole year or longer without finding one... I hope.

Now on to the original purpose of this post: to show you some interesting horses Lily and I came across today. (We each played for a while.)

Lily and Zesty explored all of the Angled Forest Isles this morning and found a few wild horses. This wouldn't be all that interesting if two of them hadn't been Mangalarga Marchadors, a gorgeous breed of horse on HI2. As is usually the case for us lately, both were mares.

Manga #1:
At first glance, Lily thought this horse was a gold champagne American Cream Draft like our Melancholy

Manga #2:
Aw, I love this avatar!

So pretty! 

But we weren't done. When I logged on to play and went to auction off a few other random wilds, guess what I found? Yep, another Manga mare. This one was 5/6 and a pinto, though.

Manga #3

She was going to the foreign bidder for something like $4,895. It got down to <1 minute left in the auction and still no other players had bid. I couldn't let such a nice mare leave HI2, so I bid $5k exactly.

Miss Manga is ours now. Temporarily. Don't worry, Lily. It's for horses like her that I wish we had a horse store at our ranch... Maybe we'll run into a new player who needs a horse? She'd be perfect with that personality.

This last horse isn't a Manga or a mare, but I saw him in the livery today and decided he deserved to be mentioned as well. Check out his persona! It's a work of art. 

What with his good stats, adorable snip, and awesome persona, I bet he won't be in the livery long! If his stats were a bit higher, I'd have snatched him up myself.

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