Saturday, January 31, 2015

Saturday Adventuring

My HI2 buddy Nessie and I decided to tackle one of the more lengthy TigerTon quests today. My mount: the handsome Quarter Horse stallion, Vaquero. Along the way, I took some screenshots, so I will be able to illustrate our adventure as I go.

We began the quest by talking to GalaxyLad in the TigerTon library.

He needs help gathering items for his school project, a diorama, because he gets too seasick to travel to other isles himself. Poor kid. Love his shirt, though.

I can imagine most of these items in a diorama, but I'm stumped as to how the jar of olive oil will be of any use. 

We went after the slide rule first. I guess because it sounded the least interesting. The AngleTon mayor was very helpful - she pointed us directly to the general store where we could find it.

Next, we travelled to Dumbbell Isle and asked around until we found MrsWithies, who sold us the olive oil.

I suggested we try finding the cactus next. DryTon's mayor sent us to the cantankerous MrBones who lives on Golden Isle.
I keep catching Nessie when she's blinking. XD
He made us pay $999 for the key to his cabin, in which he told us to look for the mini cactus. It was shut inside his cabinet. Poor little cactus! I'm glad we could rescue it!

Thanks to Nessie, we remembered to return MrBones his key.

To cool down our horses, I suggested we head to the Glacier isles for the fossil next. The mayor sent us to the easternmost part of Ice Cube Isle. We (well, I, at least) dug with abandon, as you can see. It ended up being in that little indent in the the ice ridge just south of where Vaquero is standing.

Next up: the blue dahlia on Leaf Isle. GiddySmurl gave us the directions to look for it by a giant blue flower to the south and east of her house. If you ask me, this flower is more purple than blue!

Our sixth item to find was the bonsai tree from Froli Village on Prairie Isle. Off we went to visit the dwobbits! ZinniaBop had just the tree we needed.

I was gearing up for a lengthy trip into the mountains to find the seventh item, the molybdenum ore, totally forgetting that we only needed 6 items from the list. Good thing one of us was paying attention! Pointless trip avoided, we headed back across Prairie Isle to the dock house...
Our horses are cantering in sync!
...and sailed our way back to TigerTon. GalaxyLad was thrilled.
Even he's not even sure what good the olive oil will be. XD
Quest completed, Nessie suggested we compete in cross country, since it was the bonus arena at the time. (When an arena's the bonus arena, you are guaranteed to make money and gain experience no matter how you place.) I decided to give it a whirl, even though I'd only ever tried cross country once before... with abysmal results. 

Well, I have not magically become any better at cross country over the last year. It was still a disaster: hitting loads of things I wasn't supposed to, never clearing a single jump, going through various flags the wrong direction... Yeah, you get the idea. Nessie and her horses breezed past me by thousands of points every time - she has some serious skills! Ophelia, Galileo, and Ravine each got turns at it, and I think they enjoyed themselves even if we did get last place every time. Okay, I take that back. We beat one other player once... but it was only because she logged out before she finished the course. XD

Needless to say, I will not be a stellar cross country rider on HI2 anytime soon. It was entertaining nevertheless. =)

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