Saturday, January 17, 2015

6/6 Wild Stallions, Where Are You?

Well, January is more than half over, and we haven't found any 6/6 wild horses yet on HI2. In fact, we haven't caught any since Anya the Don back on October 5. It's been even longer since we caught a 6/6 stallion - that hasn't happened since Vaquero the AQH back on June 14! We haven't been searching out wilds quite as much as we used to, so I guess it's taking its toll. Still, we do have the flute to summon us a daily wild. Strange...

We have caught a few noteworthy wild horses lately, though. Here they are for your viewing pleasure.

Felicity says if she'd caught this Fjord herself, she'd have had a hard time parting with him. Umber and I (Bethany) were the ones who found him, though, and I put him in the livery. Here's hoping somebody decided they needed this adorable investigator.

Groovy and I caught this blue-eyed Quarter Horse mare. I love the screenshot of her burying her face in the dog's fur. As pretty as she is, I bet she didn't last long in the livery. 

Groovy and I caught this mare only a minute or two after the palomino Quarter Horse. She is gorgeous, isn't she? I haven't been able to give her up yet even though I know I shouldn't keep her... 

Infrared and I caught this Friesian. I have included him in my list because of his goofy screenshot and his fairly rare personality, Isolationist. And I thought Umber the Misanthrope was difficult...

Finally, Julie and Napoleon caught this maximum height Spotted Draft Horse mare this morning. She's beautiful and has a great personality, but wow... what an unfortunate set of stats! XD

That's all of them for now. =)

So anyway, our 6/6 wild stallion dry spell is bound to break soon, right? Maybe my sisters and I should all take a stab at guessing when. Whoever makes the closest guess would be declared the winner. The losers could each have to buy the winner a companion animal for one of her horses or something. Just throwing the idea out there...

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  1. Update from Bethany on 1/24/15:

    So the bet is on. Each loser will have to buy the winner an HI2 companion animal of the winner's choice.

    - I am going to be optimistic and guess that we will find a 6/6 wild stallion sometime in February.

    - Julie's guessing it won't happen until March - probably near St. Patrick's Day.

    - Felicity's saying it won't happen until April, since April's her birthday month. We've agreed that if the 6/6 wild stallion arrives on her birthday, we will each buy her two companions rather than one.

    - Lily's being the pessimist and guessing we won't find a 6/6 wild stallion until May or maybe even later.

    Who will win? Oh, the suspense!