Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Grace Thomas

Meet Grace Thomas, the 2015 Girl of the Year doll from American Girl. As we did last year with Isabelle, we will now report back on how our conversation went when we looked her up online for the first time on January 1. As always, Bethany writes in purple, Felicity in green, Julie in teal, and Lily in blue.

Grace, huh?
Pretty name. 
But yikes, those are some unfortunate bangs.
Oh no, it's Lanie in brunette.

Wasn't once enough?
Waaaaaaaaaaaaay more than enough.
C'mon, you guys. They're not that bad.
*Makes gagging noises.*
If it wasn't for the bangs, she would look a lot like our cousin, Jessica.
Jessica, mom's sister's My American Girl doll
Wow, I think Grace's hair is a shade darker, but otherwise...
They could be twins!
It looks like their eyebrows are different, and possibly the face mold? Otherwise AG could've gotten away with using the same head and just sticking a different wig on it.
Speaking of the wig, it's going to be a bummer when you finally take the braid out - how will you ever get rid of the kinks?
It won't be easy. 
AG's not exactly going out on a limb, is it?
Still no African American.
And brown hair again paired with blue eyes - remember Lindsey and Chrissa?
Oh yeah. Both had dark brown hair and blue eyes, you're right.
I'm confused. Isn't the American girl of the year supposed to be... um... American?
Read the page, Felicity. She takes a trip to Paris.
Oh. So her books take place in France, but she is American?
Just the first of the books, apparently. I read the blurbs about them on the site.
And they involve Grace opening a French baking business. That much I've gathered.
So what do you think of her outfit?
Mmm, it's fine as long as she's not wearing the goofy pink beret. 
I'm sick of pink, myself. 
I like the skirt. I think that black bow is cute.
I don't. It reminds me of Professor Umbridge in Harry Potter. 
Professor Umbridge? How?
This is how:
She has a point there.
Yeah, I'll never look at little black bows the same way again.
Well, I still think it's cute on a doll. 
I agree. I like her gray boots too - I'd totally wear those.
The Paris design on the shirt and the charm bracelet aren't my style - 
I know, right? They scream tourist.
But everything at least goes together.
Much more nicely than some of Isabelle's... one-of-a-kind creations.
For sure. I'm not sorry to see those go!

We will leave you on that... well... sort of happy note. It was about then that somebody changed the subject back to Professor Umbridge, and the conversation only deteriorated from there...

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