Saturday, February 21, 2015

A Strange Saturday

Between the four of us, we were on HI2 for several hours today. (We had a letter to write to a buddy, which took us forever because we were also involved in conversations with multiple people - amazing how many friends were on this Saturday!) 

Every time we visit our ranch, which is generally at least once a day, our horses are all fully fed, watered, and rested automatically. Thanks to diligent clicking by Bethany and Julie, we also keep our horses fully groomed. As a result, it is rare for our horses to have health problems. We've come to expect one to crop up every few weeks or so. 

Not so today. For no apparent reason whatsoever, 3 of our horses all came down with health problems. First, Skyrocket the Appendix Quarter Horse developed a gassy form of colic. Later on, Xenon the POA sprained a leg. Within the same half hour, Hazel the Warlander embedded wooden splinters in herself by trying to jump a pasture fence... and crashing through the top slat in the process. Never fear - all three were promptly taken to the vet and should be fully recovered within a few days.

Ugh, misery does indeed like company. I really hope today was a fluke and the horses stop injuring themselves at such a rapid rate!

On one trip between the mailbox in the PlainTon city hall and the veterinarian's office, Julie and Anya saw this:
Wow, well done! I sooo want to do this with one of our buddies sometime. 

No exciting wild horse captures occurred today. Last Saturday (Valentine's Day) was a different story, though. It was a 50%-more-wilds-than-usual day, so Zoom and I ventured out to the massive, remote Twin Rivers Isle to try our luck. We started out searching the grassy expanses on the western side of the isle - deserted. Without high hopes, I directed Zoom down and around the bottom-most river to make our way up the east side. It was soon a wild horse bonanza. By the time we were done, we had found and successfully lassoed 5 wild horses! 

One of the 5 wild horses we found was a flaxen sorrel Jutland mare. It being Valentine's Day and all, I got off of Zoom and got onto Solitaire, my own flaxen sorrel Jutland stallion, so that the two Jutlands could meet. Solitaire was definitely interested, but it wasn't meant to be. Unfortunately, the mare only had eyes for the other horse you see in the screenshot, a wild Suffolk Punch stallion. 
Unrequited love
So, both wild drafties were sold to the foreign bidder. Solitaire is still as solitary as ever. Sorry, big guy! <3

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