Monday, December 24, 2012

Christmas Eve

Happy Christmas Eve! Daffy Floppy-Feet here. Well, that's my name according to the Christmas Elf Name Generator. I was surfing the web for something fun and Christmasy to post about and stumbled across it.

In case you are wondering, 

Bethany is now Peppermiz Bubba-Louie,
Julie has become Lucky Twinkle-Toes,
- and - 
please call Lily Wacky Tum-Tums from now on.

Here is the link in case you want to find out your Christmas elf name. <Link>

Boy, where did the time go? Christmas is almost here! We're supposed to get snow on Dec. 26, but zilch today or on Christmas. How lame is that?

I'd better go. Wacky is picking out our clothes for tomorrow, and I'd better get over there before she picks out a skirt and tights for me again. It may already be too late. *Sighs* 

After everybody's asleep tonight, the four of us are going to sneak upstairs to check out the presents for Mom under the tree. We're not going to open them, just scope out ones that look the right size for being AG clothes boxes. It's tradition. ;^) 

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