Friday, May 17, 2013

Horse Isle 2 Screenshot Fun

Hi peeps.

Well, our free 1 month subscription token to Horse Isle 2 expires in a few hours. We're keeping our fingers crossed that Mom will use some of her birthday money to help us out with a yearly subscription. (Her birthday is tomorrow, by the way! How lucky she is that it's on a Saturday this year!) We promised her that if she does dish out the $$ for the subscription, we will share with her. She can even buy or catch her own horses if she wants. :)

Here are a few entertaining screenshots we've taken over the 30 days we've had the free sub token:

Duck overload

Nose to nose with a wild Kathiawari

Decisions, decisions

A frequent sight: mining gems in the caves

Ye shall not pass.
Not something you see every day...

That's a meteorite, not... what else it looks like ;)
Green-eyed dog named BaskerVille

Lily's horse Yetta sniffing calla lilies

Hasta Luego,

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