Saturday, July 23, 2016

Mares and More Mares

HI2 has been a pretty quiet for us lately. Mostly because for a while there were unsubscribed and therefore couldn't do much but walk around on foot - so embarrassing for Pepsi, lol. Happily, we are subscribed again for another year. Thanks, Mom!

Let me introduce you to two noteworthy wild mares we captured shortly before Mom went on her trip.

The first is this beauty:

I especially love that avatar! She will be going to live with our buddy Gem... if Gem and Pepsi ever overlap online, that is. It's proving to be a challenge, lol.

The second mare worthy of mention is this sabino Freddy:
What a cutie! Her personality and stats are very good too! She's also 5/6 and +56, which makes us smile. We didn't think we'd ever find one of those again, hence we kept the first 5/6 +56 horse we caught, Sardonyx.

You're such a good boy, Sard. <3
*Sighs* I guess one 5/6 +56 horse is enough. She's really tempting, though, especially since we don't have any Frederiksborgs yet. 

To end on something happier, our 3 new mares have names at last! Meet...
Quassia (aka bitter-root or bitter-wood) bark is used in medicine
We thought the red flowers on this shrub made it an excellent name for a reddish mare like this Suffolk!

Ravenna is, among other things, the name of a town in Michigan that we liked the sound of. It might suit a solid black horse slightly better, but we figured that this Newfie has plenty of raven black on her to make it appropriate.

Nyssa sylvatica is the scientific name for the Black Gum or Tupelo tree. The tree occurs in a large range in the U.S., including wetland areas of Florida. 

Ooh, the leaves get bright red-orange in autumn!
We decided just Nyssa would do. We think it sounds pretty yet a little dark, perfect for a horse found on the marshy isles!

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