Monday, May 29, 2017

The Livery's Cinco de Mayo

We'll admit it. We went livery stalking last week. Yes, even Lily. What can I say? It's fun to look - you never know when you might stumble upon that special horse. Between the 4 of us, we noticed 5 hopeful horses that stood out from the crowd. 4 of the 5 were even mares!

Horse #1:
A +6/6, +73 pinto Curly mare! She was her former owner's first 6/6 capture - it said so in her description (after the odd... song lyrics? poem?). Wow! I can't imagine sticking any of my 6/6 captures in the livery, especially not my first! *Hugs Pal*

Horse #2

Another +6/6 mare, this time +64. I love the uneven poofs of white feathering on her legs. If we had unlimited horse slots, it would be fun to get 8 more Mulassiers and name them all after Santa's reindeer (since we already have a Vixen <3). Mulassiers are such pretty horses!

Horse #3:

This horse, the only stallion in the bunch, is a mere 3 points away from being +6/6, and he's +58. I thought he deserved mentioning because of his name, Telesto's Pepsi! Also interesting is that he was captured by one of our buddies and was later owned by one of our clubbies. It's a small world on HI2.

Horse #4:

This Solitaire look-alike is only 1 stat point away from being +6/6. (Her stat total is an underwhelming +47, though.) I love her awkward white stocking and her persona. =)

Horse #5:

Don't look, Lumos! This pretty little mare's stats are +5/6 and +78 just like yours! Of all 5 of the horses, I found her the most tempting. Not only because she has the highest stats, but because her shaggy, two-toned mane and tail are adorable!

As you probably figured out by now, we did not adopt any of the 5. None of them had stats that made it to +80, plus Lily's really pushing for us to make it through May without adding any more horses. (This way we can not feel guilty about keeping both Blush and Xyris.) So, we were all good and just looked, petted, and moved on. Yay us!

To follow up from last week's post, that final dress from Amazon did come in the mail this week! So, as promised, here we are modeling them!
Bethany in the blue star dress that came with a matching purse and slippers

Lily in the classy red and black velvet dress

Felicity in the denim ruffle dress
(and white vest, which she only wore long enough for this photo to be taken)

Me in the blue sequined dress
No camera tricks - it actually fits me decently as well as my sisters!

And a group shot. Thanks for asking for these, Mom!


  1. Hey Pepsi!! It's mobile Gem here. If you're reading this, could you meet me on HI2 today at about 11:15am your time?? I'll explain later, but I have something I have to give to you lol. If you don't see this no biggie, I'd just like this off my hands ASAP :)

  2. Hi Gem!

    Whoa, I actually read this in time! Yep, hope to see you in a half hour. Oh, the suspense! =)