Monday, October 8, 2012

First Post Ever

Hello world. Lily here. Somehow you have managed to stumble upon our blog. We hope you will take a look as long as you are here. 

This summer, my sisters and I decided we wanted to have our own website. That was fun, but once it was made, we realized we had ended up using it mostly to talk about what was happening in our lives. By October, it was getting annoying to wade through all our entries, and a certain person kept forgetting to write the date at the top of her entries. So, I convinced everybody to switch to this blog instead. It will keep everything much more organized. 

As you've probably already figured out from the title, we are dolls. We are also sisters (adopted sisters, obviously) and good friends. There are 4 of us: Julie, Felicity, Bethany, and Lily (me). Being 18 inches tall in a civilization built for people over 60 inches tall isn't exactly a cakewalk. We get around pretty well, though, and we are fortunate enough to have our own space in the basement where furniture is scaled to fit us.

We each have our own page where you can read about each of us and our pets in more detail. We'll probably add some more sections when we get around to it. Maybe a page of stuff that makes us laugh or a section of photo albums. Oh, the possibilities. 

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