Saturday, October 27, 2012

Christmas in October?

Hello everybody. Julie here. My sisters and I decided to write this post together, hence the multicolored text. It's almost Halloween, and we're watching Monster House on TV tonight to get into the mood. Not my idea. I'm kind of glad for the commercial breaks. It doesn't seem nearly as creepy and dramatic when you just watched a commercial for Revlon lipstick, lol.

And speaking of dramatic, we've sure been riding the weather roller coaster this month. Just to give you some idea, Wednesday and Thursday were freakishly warm: temperatures topped out in the upper 70's. Then a cold front blew in overnight to drop our temps 30 degrees. Yesterday and today, it's struggled to make it into the upper 40's. It's definitely feeling more like late October now. And looking like it too. The oaks in the backyard are finally dumping their leaves big time this week.

But enough about the weather. I saw my first Christmas ad this week. It seems crazy when it hasn't even been Halloween yet. Companies sure want consumers to realize that Christmas is "only" 2 months away. Mom went to the mall today (to take advantage of a 30% off total purchase coupon at Kohl's) and reported back that they've already got some Christmas decorations up.

We also got the American Girl Christmas catalogue in the mail a few days ago. Guess who made the cover?

Yeah, that's right. A clone of me in the Purple Party Outfit. And that's not all! Clones of me appear 6 more times in the catalogue! Now that's crazy.

Maybe you should think about a career as a professional model, Bethany.

Ha, ha. I don't think so. But I do look good in purple, don't I?

Focus, girls. We decided to each pick the one item we'd like best from the catalogue. We don't expect to get them, as pricey as they are, but it's fun to see what's out there.
Lily's pick: Caroline's Holiday Gown - $36
(I think all of Caroline's clothes are beautiful. This is my favorite.)

Felicity's pick: Casual Chic Outfit - $34
(Minus the vest. I'm not a vesty kind of person)

Bethany's pick: Casual Chic Outfit - $34
(But I'd probably never wear the hat.)

Julie's pick: Doll Scrapbook - $17.95
(This looks fun, and AG clothes are too big for me.)

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