Sunday, April 21, 2013

April 21 :^D


I have been too busy to post until now, but rest assured that my day has been spectacular. 

Unfortunately, downtown Grand Rapids has not been having a good day at all. West Michigan has been experiencing the worst flooding it's had in 80+ years. Our house is fine, though. We live on high ground and are far enough away from any bodies of water. The water level in the Grand River by downtown GR was expected to crest this evening. The news website tells me it is now holding steady at 21.8 feet, whatever that means. It sounds impressive. 

Here's a pic of what the river looked like this evening:

And here's what it normally looks like:

Amazing what too much rain can do! For the record, my birthday was the first precipitation-free day we've had for 14 days. Hooray for April 21!

Mom says it's time for bed. I get to sleep in her room tonight. ;^) Peace out!

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