Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Horse Isle 2

Hi people.

Guess what? We have started playing a new online game. It's called Horse Isle 2: Legend of the Esrohs. It comes in a life cycle version where horses age and can breed, as well as the eternal version we chose where horses live forever and aren't breed-able. Horse Isle 2 is way better than Horse Isle 1 graphics-wise. (We never could get past the wonky-looking avatar horses of HI1 to consider playing it, lol.) 
Horse Isle 1. Yikes.

Horse Isle 2
That's our avatar on Galileo checking out a wild horse :)

We all share one HI2 account, taking turns playing as an avatar person that looks like Mom just for chuckles. With just one account, we progress way faster, and if we want to subscribe, we'll only have to buy one subscription rather than four.

The setting of the game is a huge complex of varied islands. You explore the islands from horseback, searching for and capturing wild horses, going on quests, playing mini-games, meeting other players, harvesting and selling items... I could go on and on.

The best part of the game is of course the beautiful horses. Every horse is unique, what with the seemingly endless combinations of breed, color, markings, height, abilities, and personality type. Each player can have up to 5 horses (to get more you have to subscribe, buy a ranch isle, and buy barns). We've each gotten to pick one horse to be ours, which leaves us with one extra slot for captured wild horses. Here are our keepers:

My (Bethany's) pick:
Ophelia the light dapple grey Dales - our first equine, a lovely but socially challenged pony

Felicity's pick:
Galileo the black chestnut sabino Calabrese - the first wild horse we lassoed, and a very handsome one at that

Julie's pick:
Ravine the primitive dun Nokota - a wild-looking softie who was lassoed by Julie

Lily's pick:
"Wild Horse" the grulla tobiano Warlander (Name pending. Don't rush her) - Lily found her in a forest hiding behind a tree so that only her white tail was visible

We can't wait until we and our horses gain enough experience so that we can ride around bareback! We also hope to meet some of the mysterious Esrohs eventually, but we've got lots of saving up and improving to do before we can seriously think about that!

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