Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bethany, Felicity, Julie and I wish our fellow American readers a happy Thanksgiving (and a happy Thursday to everybody else)! ;^) It's a white one for us - more snow has been gently falling all morning. 

This got me in the mood to visit the Glacier Isles on HI2. Here is the Thanksgiving pony that Solo and I fluted this morning:
The placement of the wild couldn't have been better. XD
Aw! I'd forgotten that Exmoors could be found on snowy terrain as well as leaf terrain. She's the same color as Dasani, Bethany's +91 Exmoor mare. This mare's stats are +60 - not bad at all! We surrendered her to the humane association. Hopefully someone will adopt this cutie.

In other news, it looks like we may have found our November horse. It's not a Norwegian breed, like Felicity was hoping for. Felicity did find us our first Norwegian Coldblood Trotter, though. Here he is:
We didn't keep him either, though he was quite handsome. <3

The November horse is also not either of the two 5/6 mares we have been holding:
the pleasant +33 Russian Heavy Draft
the +69 snowstorm Holsteiner
It is... *drumroll*

This horse. Julie and Shady fluted it last night. At first glance, Julie was hopeful that it was a Norwegian Fjord. Nope.

It's a...


Ooh, primitive apricot dun! Check out the awesome barring on her legs!
What a mane! I think Arion might have found his soulmate.
Her stats surpass those of the other 5/6 mares we've caught this month, and clearly she is aware of it. 

One of our first friends on HI2 really liked Przewalski horses. (She probably still does, but I used past tense there because she no longer plays the game.) She and I talked about adopting twin Przewalskis once, but it never happened. I'm glad we held out - this girl's adorable.

We still really like the first two November horse contenders. If only they were stallions! Then we'd be able to justify keeping all three. We may try auctioning them without allowing the foreign bidder to bid to see if anybody on the game is interested. They deserve owners that will appreciate them!

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