Saturday, November 15, 2014

It's going to be a long winter

The first snow of the season blanketed our area in the early morning hours on Wednesday. More came Thursday and Friday, and more is on the way for this coming week. I am less than thrilled. 

The newest horse breed to be introduced to Horse Isle 2 couldn't be more appropriate for winter's early arrival: the Norwegian Coldblood Trotter. Norway now has three horse breeds represented on HI2: the Dole, the Norwegian Fjord, and the NCT.

Sadly, no Norwegian horses have joined our herd so far. It's not surprising, as many horse breeds as there are on HI2. We're bound to find a nice 5/6 or 6/6 horse of one of these breeds eventually. I wonder which of the 3 breeds it will be?

Here's an example of each breed taken from HI2's BBB:
"Dole" is also a fruit and veggie company, and consequently this breed will forever be linked to fruit cups in my mind. If I ever get one of these horses, I will probably name it something fruity, like Peachy or Maraschino.

Norwegian Fjord
I especially love the Fjord stallions on HI2 because I think their 2-toned manes look awesome cropped. It might be better if we found a mare, though. Arion (my Thessalian stallion) might be really jealous if another horse showed up rocking an even more impressive mohawk than his.

Norwegian Coldblood Trotter
I hadn't ever even heard of the NCT until it was introduced as a HI2 breed. Such a shame - what cool horses! I really like how the artist? artists? have depicted it. It's fun that - on this game anyway - they come in sabino and splash white in addition to solid colors. 

Since both Fjords and NCTs can only be found on snowy terrain, I decided to head to a snowy isle this morning and see if I might get lucky. Rally and I didn't find any wild horses, unfortunately, but we did get to summon one horse with our flute.

No Norwegian horse this time, but she is quite nice all the same:

If she was a less common color or was a stallion, I would really be tempted to keep her. Her markings are adorable, and you don't see a personality like that every day. Her stats even add up to +33, which is Mom's favorite number. Hmm, I think I'll keep her around until the end of November. If no impressively high stated horses materialize by then, she may make it into the herd yet. 

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