Saturday, June 20, 2015

Goodbye Grullo, Hello Pinto

Well, our flute has given us a third noteworthy Lusitano stallion now. The first horse our flute lured us was a brown Lusitano stallion. He occupies a prime spot on our ranch isle next to the treehouse and a giraffe hedge:
Hi, August.
On Mom's birthday this year, our flute summoned us a 0/6 black Lusitano stallion.

And here is Lusitano stallion #3, a 5/6 grullo that Quickstep and I fluted near some lemon trees on Birch. 
Aw, golden toes.
Drat, just 3 measly stat points short of being our Murphy and ending our 6/6 stallion drought. I was really tempted by this guy anyway, what with his awesome grullo coat without a single white marking and his great (albeit antisocial) personality. If his stats had been higher and if his avatar wasn't so similar to Teddy's (Julie's red roan AQH), I don't think I'd have been able to let him go. But, this morning, I sucked it up, wished him well, and put him in the Humane Society. He wasn't adopted immediately, but when Julie logged in about two hours later, she told me he was gone. Hopefully he found a good home!

Part of the reason why I decided for sure not to keep Mr. Almost 6/6 is because of this special Chincoteague:
Fittingly, it was a buddy nicknamed Pinto who caught her on Monday this week. Not sure which isle - we'll have to ask her. 

To our delight, Pinto gave her to Pepsi last night! We are thrilled. We absolutely love her one white coronet, her bi-colored mane, her smiling rosy muzzle, and the big black patch over her eye.  She also happens to be our first overo-patterned equine, our first equine with a piebald avatar, and our first Chincoteague. Like I said, she's special! Bethany and Julie are stilling working out between them who will own Phoenix and who will own this Chincoteague. 

We're also still deciding on a name. "Twisted Comet" is a fine name, but it doesn't conform to our one-word naming pattern. Just "Comet" could have theoretically worked, but it makes me think of the golden retriever on the show Full House. I sort-of shot that idea down. So, we've been brainstorming a bit, trying to keep our ideas space-related. Here they are so far in alphabetical order:
  • Elara (one of Jupiter's moons. Sounds pretty.)
  • Halley (after Halley's Comet. We checked and it does get through the filter.)
  • Nebula (per Wikipedia, this is "an interstellar cloud" of dust or ionized gas)
  • Nova (per Wikipedia, this is "a cataclysmic nuclear explosion on a white dwarf, which causes a sudden brightening of the star")
  • Orbit 
Hmm, this isn't going to be easy... 

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