Saturday, June 6, 2015

Dream On

Nothing very exciting has happened to us on HI2 lately. We haven't had much time to play, so it's not a huge surprise.

Part of what makes playing HI2 so fun is the randomness of the wild horses - you never know what you're going to catch next. Our herd is way more diverse than it would be if we didn't do so much lassoing.

That being said, it is also fun to look in HI2's BBB of horse breeds and be blown away by all of the breed and color possibilities. We each decided to pick out one dream horse - you know, the horse we'd likely choose to create if we each had a horse token to use. 

I'll go first. My dream HI2 horse would be a light-colored Florida Cracker mare named Coquina. My mom and her family went to visit St. Augustine, Florida, where there is a whole fort made out of coquina. Coquina is a cool kind of sedimentary rock make up of shell fragments, and I think the name has a very pleasing ring to it.

I can't decide for sure if I'd want the mare to be light gray like this:

...or perlino like this:
Either would make an excellent Coquina. 

We'll keep this alphabetical and go to Felicity next. Not a huge surprise here - her dream horse would have spots. She would choose a red dun snowflake Nez Perce stallion something like this:
She would want him to have a star and lots of white feet, probably 3 or 4. He'd probably have blue eyes, but brown would be fine with her too. 

Moving along, Julie's pick would be an amber ivory champagne sabino Mangalarga Marchador. Wow, Julie, who knew you had such fancy taste?! Julie says she'd be equally happy with either gender, but pictured here is a mare.

Finally, here is Lily's pick. She loves the Hanoverians of HI2. Even though they have been around since we started playing the game, we have never come across one that meets our standards. Lily's favorite of all the Hanoverian coat colors is by far this one, sooty palomino. She would want a mare so that the maximum amount of that lovely golden mane could be seen. She loves this star-stripe-snip combo and would want the mare to have one or more white feet.

Fine choices, all, if I do say so myself! Maybe someday we'll turn these dreams into HI2 reality... 

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