Saturday, May 30, 2015

Truly Me

American Girl has been doing a lot of revamping lately. First, the un-retired historical dolls got some outfit updates and were renamed the "BeForever" line of dolls. (The name is too cool for a space, apparently.)

Now, the My American Girl line has been renamed "Truly Me." (Why is there a space here and not in BeForever? Oh, the inconsistency!) Along with the new name comes a new outfit, a lilac dress with a silver belt and turquoise shoes. All the photos used in this post come from American Girl Wikia. It's a great site for finding information on everything AG.
The outfit is rather nice, in my humble opinion. I love the shoes - not surprising, since I gravitate towards shades of blue. I think it's a shame that AG continues to choose pinks and purples over and over again when there are so many other color possibilities. But, I know many young girls love pinks and purples, so I'm not surprised AG has gone this route again.

Did you know that the modern-day dolls (they've undergone quite a few name changes over the years, so I'll just call them this) did not always come in purple and/or pink outfits? Let me take you back 20 years ago, when the line was first introduced, and then we'll work our way back to the present.

1995: Mix and Match Outfit
Scrunchie, vest, button-up shirt, magenta leggings, and black ballet flats. A strong start for the purples and pinks.

1996: First Day Outfit
Wow, this one's bright!

1998: Red Jumper
Our Aunt J.'s first doll, Allison, came wearing this one. Allison doesn't have the hat or necklace, though - those were some of the accessories sold separately.

2000: Urban Outfit
Erm, not my favorite look. Wow, those shoes... XD

2002: Go Anywhere Outfit
From here on out, purple and/or pink is always represented. We own this outfit minus the shoes. I have worn the cardigan as part of my hippie Halloween costume. :-)

2004: Ready for Fun Outfit
We own this outfit too. The sneakers are some of our favorites. The jeans have fun embroidery on them but also have random slits at the bottom of each leg. One of these days we may ask Mom to sew them shut. Both the shirt and jacket are awkwardly short by today's standards.

2006: I Like Your Style Outfit
This cheerleaderish outfit with Ugg boots does nothing for me, but this was apparently popular once. XD It's unfortunate that this is the one time that light blue got a big role in an outfit.

2008: Star Hoodie Outfit
Our Aunt H.'s first doll, Haylee, came wearing this oufit. We have one from eBay in our wardrobe as well and wear it quite a bit, especially the leggings.

2010: Real Me Outfit
Yay, the outfit Bethany came in! Of them all, this is our favorite.

2012: True Spirit Outfit
I did not care much for this outfit, so I'm glad to see it go at long last. I say "long last" because it was around for 3 years rather than 2, which had been the pattern. The shoulders of the shirt were odd, and the tall boots with short skirt look is not for me.

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