Friday, May 15, 2015

Parade of Stallions

It's 5/15/15. So symmetric. On HI2, the 6/6 wild stallion drought continues. This has not kept us from finding tempting stallions so far this month, though.

Remember that Dutch Warmblood? Well, he has been named, and you know what that probably means. Meet Quincy and his adorable snip.
Then on Tuesday, we found this little dude in the livery.
Seriously, ponies don't get much more irresistible than this.

This evening, I was online at the same time as an HI2 friend who was selling this magnificent Maremmano. I tried to tell myself no, but it was no use. I could not let such an amazing stallion slip through our fingers!
We didn't yet have a fleabitten gray horse or a Maremmano, and now we have both!

So... we are failing miserably to wait patiently for that elusive 6/6 wild stallion and to keep to our one-new-horse-per-month rule. But it's May, Mom's birth month. And Mom loves the number 3. We can let this slide, right, Lily? Let Stormy love you!

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