Saturday, May 23, 2015

Belated Birthday Post

It was Mom's birthday back on the 18th. She plans to spend birthday money on a year subscription to HI2 again when the time comes. Thank you, Mom! <3

Oddly, we didn't get our happy birthday message from HI2 until May 19, the day after Mom's birthday. It was this way last year too. I wonder if HI2 is just behind or if we screwed up and chose the wrong day when we created our account? Oh well, better late than never!

We didn't have much time to play HI2 on Mom's birthday, but the little time we did have we spent on Big Forest Isle. We had Pepsi ride Napoleon, the little 6/6 Welshie we found on her birthday last year. 
The only wild horse on the isle was this black beauty, a Lusitano stallion:

 Ha ha, HI2. It gave us a 6/6 equine one year and a 0/6 the next. XD

We then used the flute in the middle of the isle by the boulder convention. This dashing Danish stallion appeared:

So, it was a rather anticlimactic HI2 visit, but that's okay. We knew Napoleon was a lucky fluke last year - it makes him even more special.
 Love you, Napoleon. <3
Two awkward flute placements occurred later this week. I'll end with those. ;^)
light dapple gray Mangalarga Marchador stallion
piebald frame overo Chincoteague Pony stallion

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