Saturday, July 25, 2015

Lily's New Companions

Hi! Lily here. As you may recall from earlier posts, my sisters and I had a competition going on since February to see who could most closely predict when we would catch our next 6/6 wild stallion. Bethany the optimist said it would happen in February, Julie picked March because lucky St. Patrick's Day is in it, Felicity picked April because it was her birth month, and I picked "May and beyond." I may have been pessimistic, but even I didn't think we'd have to wait all the way until July!

At long last, Bethany found Murphy on July 11. That means that I win the competition and get to collect the prize, 3 companions of my choice. It took some deliberating, but today I finally made my selections and introduced the companions to 3 of my horses.

If you know anything about me, my first choice will come as no big surprise. I chose a tan and black German Shepherd in honor of my real-life German Shepherd, Winter. I decided to give her to Zesty because their tan and blacks went together so well and because they are both very energetic.
Zesty and SummerSun
The second companion I picked: a frog! This may strike you as silly, since a frog isn't an expensive or prestigious companion. But I'm rather fond of frogs - always have been. I even have a frog-themed bedspread on my bed! I gave him to Rosetta because she seems kind of princess-y to me, and you know what can happen between princess and frogs! The frog also nicely complements Rose's green accessories.
Rosetta and PrinceCharming
My last pick: an okapi calf! I hadn't seen one of these on HI2 before this morning, to be honest. I happened to see it on one of my buddy's horses and knew then that I wanted one of my own! That face, those huge ears, the stripes... Who could resist? Jessamine is very pleased to have such an exotic companion. She had been jealous of Balderdash's firefly entourage for some time. XD
Jessamine and Safari
Thanks, sisters! I'm so happy with all three of them! <3

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