Saturday, July 11, 2015


Hello, everybody. Happy 7/11! This particular 7/11 is a historic day for us on HI2. 

We have not had the honor of catching a 6/6 wild stallion since Julie caught Vaquero the AQH back on June 14, 2014. Finally, after over a year of not-so-patiently waiting, the drought is over! It happened this morning on Swampy Isle. Let's see if you can guess which equine it was!

Was it...

A. This grey Camargue (identical avatar to our 6/6 Mistral)

B. This 11.3 hand dark bay Kerry Bog Pony (1 inch too short for us to justify keeping him)

- or - 

C. This palomino frame overo Chincoteague Pony (same avatar as one of our first Millennium Fields retirees, Stormy, and the same breed as our recent addition to the herd, Halley)



A. Naturally. 

I was actually riding Della, not Mistral, when I found him, but I switched to Mistral for the screenshot. I kept on riding him while I caught the two ponies as well, since he likes marshy terrain more than poor Della (she has so much white feathering to get waterlogged and dirty) ;^)

Let's take a closer look at the look-alikes, shall we?

Here is the new guy. I have named him Murphy.

As you can see, when you look past coat color, they are far from identical. Murphy has a some flecks that make him look almost fleabitten gray, while Mistral does not. Murphy's face is marking-less, while Mistral's is bald. Murphy is also 3 inches shorter than Mistral. 

The two have quite different personalities and different stat distributions as well. They do have identical strength stats, though. Go figure. =)

We are keeping Mr. Murphy, of course. Mistral is quite pleased to have a fellow Camargue in the herd at last. (We have considered keeping several other Camargues since him but have always decided against it... until now.) This also means that Lily wins our competition, since she was the one who guessed we wouldn't find a 6/6 wild stallion until May or later. I wonder which companions she will want as her prizes?

One more thing: notice that in my screenshots with the wild horses that our player name is white! Our second yearly sub token expired on Thursday. Mom paid for a new one for us, and I had just activated it moments before finding Murphy. It was as if HI2 was thanking us for our support. =^) Our name didn't turn blue (to indicate we were subscribed) until our next log in. 

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