Saturday, September 26, 2015

Happy Autumn!

The calendar may say it's autumn, but it still feels like summer around here. I'm soaking up the sunshine and warmth while I can. With night coming sooner and sooner and the weather gradually turning colder and wetter, I imagine we'll be spending more time on HI2 in the months to come! This week, we didn't do much besides occasionally compete and/or flute a wild horse.

First, I'll give you an update on Kudos, the livery horse we have been competing on a bunch for a club contest. He hit 3,000 experience points this morning in Cutting Group II, and then he kept going! For once, we rarely came in last place! (The one time we did, it was because I got distracted and messed up big time.) Much of our success was probably due to the fact that several of the other horses competing had less fancy tack, but some of it may be Kudos's improving stats. We've all noticed that he can sprint after that cow longer than he used to! Good job, buddy!

He's up to 17 wins now! =D

We also got our first win ever in Group I on any horse, which was pretty sweet.

I doubt 3,000+ points will be enough for us to win anything in the contest, since we know of several club members whose horses are already far beyond Kudos. It's been fun to challenge ourselves anyway, and while we're still far from being pros in any of HI2's arenas, we've all gotten better with practice.

For our second bit of HI2 news, check out this wild Jutland! We fluted him on Grass Isle one night this week. 
I'm pretty sure we've never captured a horse with a personality so close to 10 in every category! 
My sisters were thinking about retiring him in our ranch's Millennium Fields, but I didn't get the memo and auctioned him. Whoops. Sorry, guys...

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