Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Return of Shadowfax

In case anyone was wondering, that club contest we were in with Kudos ended this past Monday, the 28th. He ended up with 4,101 experience points by then (I took the screenshot below on the 29th, after he'd gotten 20 more points from our ranch). 4,101 exp points, 372 trainings, and 17 wins for a horse that started with all 0's three weeks before... wow! Yay, Kudos! The results of the contest still haven't been posted, so we're patiently waiting to see if he placed. Whether he does or doesn't, he's a winner to us. I think it's safe to say that he and his companion entourage aren't going anywhere. <3

And now to get to the piece of news the post title refers to...

Back in June, Bethany posted about finding this pale Andalusian stallion in the desert:
Even though he had good stats (5/6 and +74) and even though he reminded us of Shadowfax, Gandalf's mount in The Lord of the Rings, we didn't keep him - mostly because of his dictator personality and that one negative stat.

The dramatic change in the weather here, with temps falling from highs in the 80's to highs only in the upper 50's, inspired us to visit HI2's desert isles this week. The horse I fluted early Friday morning was - you guessed it - another light gray Andalusian stallion. 
I think the beautiful Hazel had something to do with luring him in too. ;^)
This one is 6/6 and... yeah, +74. No kidding. And if you look at his personality, it's pretty much the reverse of the first Andalusian's. I think this is HI2's not-so-subtle way of telling us we really ought to have a white gray Andalusian stallion in the herd. =)

The previous four 6/6 wild horses we've captured have also had stat totals in the +70's. (Murphy with +71, the POA with +79, Brushfire with +72, and Galena with +72.) This Andalusian brings the streak of +70's 6/6ers to 5!

We're not sure which of us will get to keep him yet, but somebody definitely will! The name "Shadowfax" isn't a great fit for him though, since he's so small (the minimum height and weight for his breed, in fact) and so lazy. We'll keep brainstorming for something else Middle Earth inspired.

Before I go, I will leave you with screenshots of a beautiful wild Mustang that Lily and Icing found this morning:
<3 Wow, if I didn't have my wonderful black Mustang, Nightshade, I'd be begging Lily to keep her. Whoever takes her home from the livery is really going to luck out!

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