Saturday, October 24, 2015

More October Treats

October has been a bountiful month for us on HI2 when it comes to really nice wild horses. First, Julie and Hazel found a 6/6 Andalusian on 10/2, and then Bethany and Quasar found a 5/6 Mangalarga Marchador on 10/15.
Bethany claimed him and has named him Edoras.
He's Lily's. She's still deciding on a name.
 This week, HI2 treated us to not just one but two more great horses.

On Monday the 19th, Lily and Wintergreen found our 29th 6/6 wild horse, a palomino sabino Racking Horse mare, on Windy Pines Isle. 
She and her buddy, a 1/6 Thoroughbred stallion, tried to hide from them. XD
Even though she has no negative stats, her stats for her breed add up to a not-so-impressive +49, the lowest for-breed stat total of any 6/6 wild we've ever captured. Before now, last place was a tie between our first two 6/6 captures, Pepsi the Shetland Pony and Kestrel the Australian Brumby, who are both +64. She and her avatar are so pretty, though, and Yoshi (Bethany's Racking Horse stallion) would love to have her in the herd, I'm sure. It's tempting to keep her anyway.

Bethany and Groovy fluted our 4th noteworthy October horse on Brown Isle. He is - are you ready for this? - a 5/6 NEZ PERCE!
It's too bad I wasn't playing Pepsi when this happened!
I have been hoping we'd catch a nice Nez Perce ever since the breed was added to the game, and here he is at long last! He may not be exactly like the dream Nez I posted about, but he is surprisingly similar, wouldn't you say? 
My dream Nez
Dun, red dun, why quibble? It's all good. Even better, since it took so long for him to grace us with his presence, I get to have 2 other Nez Perce Horses in my entourage, Aspen and Herbie. 

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