Saturday, October 17, 2015

Lily's Birthday Horse

Well, obviously this isn't the post about our favorite ArtPrize pieces. We're still working on it. In the meantime, I wanted to make a quick post about what's been going on for us on HI2.

First, the bad news. You may recall that club contest we entered in with Kudos? Well, even though we followed the rules to a T and promptly sent a letter to the player in charge of the contest with Kudos's final numbers, we somehow were forgotten. Our letter to the player after the fact politely inquiring what happened was never answered, so maybe it's an issue with HI2's mail? (Or maybe we're being ignored. This is Felicity's theory.) We haven't seen the player online at all since - I know she's super busy with school, so we've decided to drop it.

With his 4101 experience points, Kudos would've taken 4th place and won a nice chunk of change for all our efforts. Drat. I guess if we ever enter a contest in the future, we will be sure to talk to the contest holder directly and not rely on HI2's postal system, whatever the directions seem to indicate.
As we've said before, we are very proud of Kudos anyway. I guess he wasn't quite as lucky as we'd hoped, but it's not like he could help that.

Now for the good news!

My birthday was on Thursday, October 15th. Nothing noteworthy happened while I was playing, but later on, Bethany and Quasar fluted this lovely pinto on Dumbbell Isle for me. :)

Not just any pinto, but a blue-eyed, brown silver dapple tobiano Mangalarga Marchador stallion! Whoa, talk about fancy!
He's 5/6 and +60, which makes him the highest-stat Manga we've caught thus far. Even though Bethany caught him and Julie is the biggest Manga fan, all my sisters are insisting I have first dibs on him. How could I say no to such a special birthday horse? You're the best, guys. <3

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