Saturday, November 21, 2015

November Doldrums

Yikes, here it is November 21st, and this is our first November post. We haven't been on HI2 all that much this month, and when we have, we haven't had much worth writing about happen.

The weather here has been interesting, though. Two windstorms a week apart, and now we are getting our first snow of the year here! So far, the snow is nicely sticking to the grass, trees, and roofs but not sticking to the roads. If only snow always did that!

But enough about the weather. Going back to the Horse Isle 2 topic, we have finally determined who's keeping each of our new horses and given them names and tack. Here they are:
Lily's liver chestnut AQH mare from September, Zaffre
Zaffre is a deep blue pigment. It's pronounced "zaff-er."
Bethany's white grey Andalusian stallion, Edoras
In the Lord of the Rings series, Edoras is the capital of Rohan,
a kingdom renowned for its fine horses and horsemen.
Bethany's golden chestnut Grade Draft mare from September, Eureka
I think it's safe to say that she is the biggest hunk of gold we will ever find in the mountains!
Lily's silver dapple brown tobiano Manga stallion, Halcyon
The halycon is a mythical bird that is said to have the power to calm wind and waves.
It's also used as an adjective that means tranquil or happy, which is perfect for a breed that always looks like it's smiling!
Felicity's dun snowflake Nez Perce stallion, Orion
Felicity named him after her favorite constellation, Orion the hunter,
because his white spots remind her of stars.
My palomino sabino Racking Horse mare, Xia
Xia was a Chinese dynasty and is pronounced "ShYah."
It may also mean "glow of sunrise" in Chinese, or possibly "welcoming" in Greek.
(I'm not sure how much stock to put into baby name websites...)
At any rate, it sounds pretty!
These beauties will all be added to that ever-lengthening Horse Isle 2 Herd page soon. We're thinking it may be time to move them all over to our individual pages, as many as there are now, but that's going to be a huge job...

Obviously, we haven't found any horses we just can't say no to this month, and it's already about 3/4 over. I guess that is a good thing. We kept 4 from October, after all! (Edoras, Orion, and Hal had to stay, and then Xia evened back out the mare:stallion ratio so nicely...) 

Landslide and I did find 3 cool-looking horses on Line Isle last weekend, though. The first one we fluted.
Her stats were unimpressive, but she was so pretty that I decided our Millennium Fields needed her. Champagnes are so cool!

Then on our way back to the dock (we had logged in from the far end of Line), we found two more:

A black Sicilian
Aw, good timing with this screenshot. XD
And another dun Nez stallion!
What a coincidence! I'm so glad for Felicity's sake that the 5/6 one, Orion, has spots! <3

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