Monday, November 30, 2015

Out with a Bang

As you can probably tell from that title, November wasn't the total wash out that Julie predicted after all. We just had to wait patiently for the last day!

Guess what the flute brought Herbie and me today? 6/6 wild #30! Whoo hoo! And it's *another* mahogany bay mare! Wow, I think that flute really is made of mahogany!

She was hiding in her screenshot because she is as antisocial as they come, so here is a better shot:

And for comparison's sake, here is the first 6/6 mahogany bay mare the flute gave us:
Vega the Furioso
Oh, Horse Isle 2, we will never cease to be amused by your happy little coincidences!

This mahogany mare is our first Oldenburg. A noble pose, I've always thought, and I love that snip!

Thanks again for the flute, Poseidon! Now that we have our November horse, bring on December!

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