Sunday, April 17, 2016

My, what a long rope you have!

Last weekend here, it snowed several inches. This weekend, it's in the 70's and sunny, not a cloud in the sky. West Michigan weather sure has a flare for the dramatic. My sisters and I much prefer this April extreme to the last!

We haven't been on HI2 much lately, so no big news to report. The sidekick Budyonny is still sticking around in rank 16, waiting for us to make up our minds already. 

Somebody actually asked me how much I wanted for him on Friday during the brief window of time when I was playing. He was tagged as "want to sell," but I was still surprised. Nobody's asked about our poor duplicate +6/6 Exmoor, and she's been sitting there tagged as "want to sell" for months.

You'd think somebody would want this cutie!
*Sighs* Anyway, I told the inquiring player the truth, that we still hadn't decided if we were actually selling him. She accepted that and graciously didn't point out how the tag really ought to be changed. XD I have since changed it to "not selling now."

We all love the Budyonny's personality, and he is quite cute too. The issue is that - in our eyes anyway - he looks a bit odd in halters and hackamores: there's always an awkwardly long loop of rope. 

It's not an issue in most bridles, hence we have him wearing an English bridle for now. 

Since, as a rule, our horses all end up in bit-less headgear, though, it's not a permanent solution. I suppose if we kept him, we could always keep him halter-less and say he hates having stuff on his face. Or we could just get over it and let him look a little wonky. He is a sidekick, after all, and sidekicks don't generally look as picture-perfect as the hero anyway.

And now, since this post is still rather short, here is a random picture is for your entertainment:

That's right, conjoined baby carrots that look like a pair of orange pants. Mom discovered them in a package of normal ones as she was packing her lunch the other day.

You're welcome.

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