Saturday, April 2, 2016

March: In like a lion, out like a... Fjord?

Felicity here again. I know, I know, I just posted last week. If you wanted to hear from another sister, tough! In light of this past week, I couldn't stay silent.

On Tuesday the 29th, we met up with our buddy Gem. The day before, she had bought a +5/6 Fjord!

Why is this a big deal? Well, let me explain:

In addition to loving horses with spots, I also love Norwegian horse breeds. I've wanted a Fjord, in particular, ever since we joined the game. We've had success finding the game's other two Norwegian breeds, the Dole and the Norwegian Coldblood Trotter, but nice Fjords proved more elusive.

I don't know how Gem found him or what made her think of Pepsi, but I sure am glad she did! When she offered him to us, I was ecstatic! Not only is he a he, which means he gets a cool two-toned mohawk, but he's also my favorite shade of dun on the breed, a creamy Ulsblakk, or "white dun."

Here is his cool black-legged avatar:

By the way, doesn't the avatar of Gem's new APH look like Fort's (our Spanish Barb)?

Ha ha, the big difference being that her horse's hooves wouldn't utterly vanish in sand like Fort's! XD

But anyway, back to the Fjord, Gem pointed out that he would make an excellent "Bagel." I can definitely see her point, and I happen to be a fan of bagels. Melt a slice of cheese on them, and yum, bagel heaven. Regrettably, the letter B has already been taken by stallions Brio and Brushfire. Since I am currently re-listening to the Harry Potter books on CD (we own them all, and they are awesome!), I thought he would also make a good "Lumos." Lumos is the spell that makes light appear at a wand tip - the magical version of a flashlight. This may be a stretch, but Lumos also sort of sounds like something you might spread on a bagel, lol.

Here's what he looks like in his light-in-the-dark-themed tack:

I hope Arion, my first mohawk-bedecked horse, isn't too jealous!

Love you too, little Greek buddy. <3
Oddly enough, shortly after adding a winter-loving Fjord to the herd, winter decided to make what is hopefully one last resurgence here. Check out the backyard:

*rolls eyes*
But I refuse to end on that chilly note. In case you were wondering, Julie is keeping the Belgian, and she named him Sardonyx. I like him in red just as much as I did silver. =^)

Sardonyx is a cool rusty-banded gemstone. A fitting name for a big, strong red roan, I'd say!

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