Sunday, March 27, 2016


Ha ha, Mom's iPad wants to autocorrect "Budyonny" to "busy onyx." Onyx is pleased. 

I am really slow when it comes to typing on this thing, but I am giving it a go anyway since Mom left it in the basement.

Remember the cute Shih Tzu and guinea pig from Lily's post? Well, on Monday night while they were still here, our aunt brought home another canine: a 6-month-old pit bull mix named Nala. Yeah, like the lion.

It appears she is here to stay. Nala is already quite large, and if her paws are any indication, she's going to get even larger. She's still total puppy in temperament, though: jumping, chewing, having accidents in the house moments after being outside, crying loudly whenever not where she want to be, zigzagging everywhere on leash, etc. My sisters and I are less than thrilled. We were really hoping the next dog the humans would get would already be past the destructive energizer bunny stage, since we would rather not live in constant fear of becoming chew toys. (So far we've been safe in the basement, but we're considering moving to Mom's room or a higher shelf for a while, just in case the door to the basement gets left open.)

But enough about the puppy. In Lily's last post, you may also recall her going on about how we need to conserve our remaining open horse slots on HI2. Later that very day, I found this guy in the auction house:

Nobody but the foreign bidder was interested with less than a minute left in the auction. I had to act! Sorry, Lily. If we don't catch any awesome 6/6ers before the 31st, can't we keep him? Please? 
1. Our herd should totally have a Budyonny. 
2. How cool is his persona? We don't have any sidekicks yet.
3. Look, no white markings! On breeds that can have white markings on HI2, it's not often you find a wild horse without any!

His avatar is cute too:

And not identical to Nimbus's, our other solid gray:

The Budyonny


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