Saturday, March 19, 2016

PepsiSummer Turns 3

Last Sunday (March 13) was PepsiSummer's 3rd birthday! You know an online game's a good one when you still are having fun playing it after 3 years!

Unfortunately, we didn't get a chance to play HI2 that day. We haven't been on much at all this week, really. Why?

Because of these two:

We are watching them for our relatives while they're away. Ironically, the dog's name is Zoey (we have an American Girl cousin named ZoĆ«) and the guinea pig's name is Lily! 

Both are very friendly, even with each other. <3

Since we haven't been online much, obviously not much has happened HI2-wise. I did end up deciding to keep the Newfie, though. Because I decided to name her Ultraviolet (it only seemed right to have an Ultraviolet when we also have an Infrared), I swapped out her pink tack for purple tack. Purple is a Valentine's Day color too, in my mind, anyway.

We've also determined that the Feb. 28 Belgian is staying as part of Julie's herd. Thanks to our buddy Gem, we have a few name ideas for him at long last. His tack is probably going to change, as our ideas all involve the color red, but he looks nice in silver too, doesn't he?

And finally, I will leave you with a few screenshots of some cool livery horses I saw this morning as I was surrendering two cute 4/6ers. I hope they all found homes!

I found him the most tempting, since we don't have a French Trotter yet. =)

Good thing Felicity didn't see this one. XD 

Or this one. ;^)

Or this one. (This Mountain person was unloading quite a few equines with good stats!) You snooze, you lose, sis! 

But seriously, we only have a handful of free horse slots left, so let's take it slow. Drastic action will eventually have to be taken (i.e. selling our sheep pen or carrot patch to make room for another barn. Don't worry, horses.), but let's not go there yet!

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