Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Belgian Repeat

I know we're already well into March, thank goodness, but I'm going to backtrack to the end of February. 

The leap day this year, a Monday (Really? It had to fall on a Monday?) passed anticlimactically for us on HI2. We didn't mind because of what the day before held for us.

But first let me backtrack again:
Last year on February 28, I found Jenga the Belgian mare for sale in the auction house. Nobody but the foreign bidder was interested in her, so she came home with us. <3

This year on February 28, I encountered - you guessed it - another Belgian. The flute summoned him to Equinox and me on Boot Isle. He's even huger than 17-hand Jenga.

Aww! Aren't Belgians great? They look happy and huggable on HI2. They are also extra special to my sisters and me because our great-grandpa had Belgian workhorses on the farm where he grew up. 

My sisters and I are in agreement that we ought to keep this guy, but we're not sure yet if he will join the herd or be retired to our Millennium Fields. With that personality, he'd clearly be content with retirement. I hesitate to do that though because he is 5/6 and +56, and those double 56's don't come along everyday...

In other news, we've given tack to those two humane society horses we adopted in the middle of February. Bethany is for sure keeping the dapple gray Dole. 

She even took my advice and named him Cloudberry. =)

We decked out the Newfie mare in pink, since we adopted her on Valentine's Day. We're still not sure if we are keeping her or not, and she doesn't have a name yet either. She sure is cute, though!

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