Saturday, February 27, 2016

Through the Wardrobe

We have finally been to HI2's Narner Isle! We have known about its existence for a while (thanks to seeing our buddy Pinto's location show up as "Narner Isle" once), but we hadn't yet been there. We were waiting so that the anticipation could build a bit - and so that when we finally did visit, we'd have a better chance of having the isle to ourselves.

Our fairly new HI2 buddy Gem (we met her thanks to this blog =)) suggested we go to Narner Isle together. The timing was right one night last week, when I was playing Pepsi. My lucky mount for the mini-adventure was Quasar, my Missouri Fox Trotter stallion. He just happened to coordinate quite well with the mare Gem was riding, Reef the Canadian Horse.

Gem had already completed the first part of the quest that is necessary to get to Narner, so she hung out in the Angled tack shop while I made blueberry muffins (thanks to Esroh Legends, I knew we'd need them) and talked to the necessary NPC's.

The premise of the quest is that a package for ProfLongStorySon (that name's a mouthful!) ended up getting delivered to the wrong person. This person, ProfEuclidean, put it in her wardrobe. Once I was ready to search the wardrobe, Gem and I met back up.

Narner, here we come!

Our horses also magically appeared under us. All four of us awkwardly overlapped. =)
So this is Narner! Half snowscape, half meadow/forest. Quite appropriate, I'd say! Once we'd disentangled ourselves from each other, we talked to the NPC waiting to greet us.

MrHummus? XD So clever of you, HI2!
We gave him the muffins in exchange for the package for ProfLongStorySon. Gem also commented on the butterflies. Butterflies?

No, she had not lost her mind. I just had my special effects turned off. Once I switched them on, voila! This led to some interesting screenshots.

Once the horses had grown somewhat used to the swarming butterflies, we explored the unfrozen half of Narner as well. In the little forest, we met MrMagician.

Quite the NPC, isn't he? Gem said something about him being involved in a quest, but he didn't seem inclined to tell us about it. His cabin was also locked. I checked.

We meandered around the isle for a little while, me mostly checking for wild horses and pirate treasures. None to be found. 

It was time to wrap it up. The butterflies were really starting to get to Reef.  

Gem led us behind an ice block near where first appeared, we got out our magnifying glasses, and then...

Erm, hi. XD
Gem had to log off then, but I figured I might as well finish the quest and find out what was in the package.

Yum, chocolate chip!

Pepsi has been back to Narner twice since that first visit with Gem. I went again with Umber the following day to see if horses could be fluted on Narner. Nope. I just got that lame message about wild horses not naturally occurring on the isle. (Come on, HI2, Narnia had plenty of horses on it!) But it was worth the trip: I found a pirate treasure and a pot of gold! I also discovered that the butterflies aren't always swarming. Sometimes fog rolls through Narner instead!

Julie and Teddy visited Narner this morning. The butterflies were back, and they found two more pirate treasures on the beach.

Does it tickle, Teddy? XD
I wonder if any other sorts of "weather" occur on Narner. We'll have to visit a few more times to find out!

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  1. You wrote about our adventure together so well!! Lol I had a lot of fun that day, hope we catch each other soon!! :D